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Soaring with support: Maximizing Highline’s resources as a new Thunderbird

Highline College is back in session for the Fall 2023 quarter, marked by an significant in enrollment and the return of a wealth of resources offered to students. With the arrival of fall (and the return of rain to the Pacific Northwest), Highline College is alive with renewed energy as students, both new and returning, fill campus for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year.

As students embark on their academic journeys, their excitement and anticipation are palpable, although some are grappling with nervousness about the challenges ahead. But listen up Thunderbirds: Highline College wants you to soar!

This place is bursting with caring folks and awesome resources to help you thrive. Let’s explore some keys to unlocking your potential on campus and in your academic journey.

Graduation and summer have Highline students excited (and worried)

The end of the quarter is approaching, which brings along various things such as finals and graduation.

Finals week is next week from June 12 to the 15. The graduation ceremony takes place on Thursday, June 15 from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It will be held in Building 8. For more information visit: Highline graduation.

Fueling the fire: How passionate teachers ignite a love of learning in their students

Highline has teachers who teach their students with all their heart and soul.

A teacher may represent someone who gives students knowledge, skills, and confidence to grow in life. They may also be a student’s friend, mentor, or philosopher.

“A passionate teacher is to be someone in love with a field of knowledge, deeply stirred by issues and ideas that challenge our world, drawn to the dilemmas and potentials of the young people who come into class each day – or captivated by all of these,” said Robert L. Fried.

Highline Biology Professor Colleen Sheridian, loves to find new things and the motivation she got from interviewing other teachers changed her journey from being a scientist to a hard working professor.

Highline hosts an event centered around alcohol safety

Highline’s student integrity conduct manager held a learning table for students open to learning about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to alcohol. 

Isabelle Wroblewski, the student integrity conduct manager, held a learning table outside of the Cafe Bistro in Building 8 on the second floor to spread awareness about having a responsible relationship with alcohol, and to teach students about the proper serving sizes of alcohol.

The joys of participating in a literary journal: Launch party June 8, 2023

Arcturus hosts its 55th annual launch party that uncovers a collection of art through the lens of the editors.  

“Arcturus” is Highline College’s literary and art journal run by students. It has been supplying Highline’s students with an imaginative outlet for 55 years. Over those years “Arcturus” has published works from students, staff, faculty, and alumni. In the newest edition, arriving on June 8, the journal features a compilation of poetry, prose, art, and photography.

Conquering challenging courses: Tips for students tackling difficult subjects

For many students, dealing with difficult subjects can be a daunting and a discouraging task. However, Highline provides multiple ways for students to get encouraged and become productive within their studies.

It is essential to understand that learning is a process of struggle and perseverance. The best way to deal with difficult subjects is to approach them systematically and with a positive mindset. 

Some of the subjects that students often find difficult include mathematics, physics, chemistry and foreign language. These subjects can be challenging due to the complexity of the content and students find themselves struggling with understanding some of the concepts involved.

Get growing with Highline’s greenhouse and garden

The days are getting sunnier and hotter which causes us to spend more time outside; lucky for Highline students there are various things they can do to help on campus, including getting involved with the greenhouse and garden.

A greenhouse is a glass building in which plants are grown in during the winter so that the cold weather doesn’t affect them. A garden is a chunk of ground that is used to grow different things like flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Sound Transit makes progress on the roundabout construction near Highline

Sound Transit has partnered up with Highline to construct a roundabout on campus to be linked to the Kent-Des Moines Link light rail extension that also connects to the Federal Way Link extension. 

The contract to build this part of the Sound Transit project was settled in 2019.

“The construction of the roundabout is included in Sound Transit’s F200 Design-Build contract for Federal Way Link extension. The contract was awarded in 2019,” said David Jackson, a public information officer for Sound Transit.

Striking a balance: Navigating the challenges of personal and academic growth for today's students

Highline students are assisting themselves in such a way that they are able to balance both their personal and academic life.

Stability of academic and personal responsibilities is crucial in order to maintain some semblance of balance.

The biggest challenge faced by students is time management. It can be difficult to juggle school work and work responsibilities, as well as other commitments such as family and social activities.

Security department on campus intensifies efforts to ensure student safety at Highline

Highline has implemented a number of safety measures to protect students both on and off campus.

Highline’s security guards are responsible for the protection of students and employees within the confines of Highline. Guards are outfitted in uniforms and instructed to keep an active eye out for any suspicious activity.

Check this out: Highline’s Global Student Ambassadors will be hosting Global Fest 2023

Highline’s students can participate in this year’s Global Fest where they will have the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and develop meaningful relationships with peers.

The Global Student Ambassadors will be hosting the event on Wednesday, May 17 from 1-4 p.m. in building 8 on the first floor.

Highline’s Global Student Ambassadors are a group of students that plan and organize events within the school year to bring communities and cultures together.

Highline recently hosted its 26th annual Unity Through Diversity Week 

Unity Through Diversity Week 2023 was a week-long series of interactive activities, panels, workshops, and a film and discussion to celebrate Highline’s diversified community of races, genders, classes, sexual orientations, abilities, and religions. 

One of this week’s events came from former student Alycia Williams who presented a workshop on leadership, love, and community through panels and workshops for students to discuss the role of being a leader.

Housing facilities at Highline: Living closer to school is easier for most students

Highline students can find various resources to live on campus as they work towards securing their degree.

Not only does living on campus provide a sense of community with the college, but it also gives students a chance to develop relationships with their peers.

Moreover, living on campus is often more convenient as it is closer to classes on campus and other resources, such as places to study, the library, and student centers.

Overcoming struggles in college: The inspiring stories of single moms juggling education and parenting

Highline students Sophia Munoz and Brittany Tamayo have dealt with the responsibilities of taking care of their children and maintaining their schoolwork as single mothers.

There are several challenges that can make it difficult for them to balance their responsibilities as a parent on top of the demand of coursework.

The biggest challenge is finding time and energy to study while parenting a small kid. Single mothers often have to juggle childcare, work, and household duties, which leaves little time for studying or attending classes. This can make it hard for them to stay motivated and focused, which can in return affect their grades and overall performance.

Highline offers programs to assist with tuition, housing, food, clothing, and more on campus

Highline’s Women’s Program and Work First are designed to address specific issues or challenges that women face varying from their personal or professional lives.

There are two departments within the program: Women’s Program and Work First.

These programs are formulated for the health and well-being of those in accordance with their physical and emotional needs.

Hence, the Women’s Program helps with sustaining their basic needs. They also help many students in earning academic credentials and creating a safe environment.

The community pantry helps feed and support those in need

Highline provides direct aid to students, staff members, and others who may be experiencing a shortage of food through the community pantry on campus.

Starvation is a serious problem within the world and dealing with malnourishment can lead to damage to someone’s mental and physical health.

Food banks help with this issue and provide food for those in need.

The Highline pantry staff said that they have three main sources where they obtain food for the pantry. Those three resources include: food rescues, food banks, and food that were purchased by staff.

Highline remodel is underway

The remodel of the landscape and buildings around campus are in full swing at the moment for their June 30 deadline. 

The remodels that are happening on campus are removing dead or diseased plants and trees that can cause damage to the buildings, vehicles, or that could hurt students and staff walking on campus.

The first phase of the tree-cutting project started at the beginning of the spring quarter by removing the trees and bushes from the north entrance of the east parking lot.

A new advising project is determined to help students get through college

Highline has recently launched the Aviso project where students gain access to one-on-one help with staff, faculty, and other resources throughout their education.

Aviso is a web-based tool where students can find a network of resources available for them at Highline, Interim Associate of Guided Pathways Elizabeth Word and Executive Director and Chief Information Center Tim Wrye said.

“This web-based tool strengthens and streamlines student access to their academic records and campus information. And your success team can easily connect you with campus resources,” they both said. “The goal of implementing this tool at Highline is part of our Guided Pathways work to help students connect to faculty and staff advisors and resources.”

Spring fashion on Highline campus: Blue being the favorite color this season

At Highline with the coming of spring, students are changing their fashion style away from long coats, jackets, and woolen clothes. Now, they think floral prints will serve better with this weather.

As we all know spring has started and everybody is ready to enjoy it with jovial moods. It is the transition between the winter and summer seasons. The weather is pleasant as the days get longer and nights get shorter, the temperature also increases a little bit and the flowers are blooming.

While interviewing students about their everyday fashion choices on Highline campus, many displayed enjoyment in their responses to the questions asked.

North parking lot entrance is under construction for a monster of an upcoming project

The north section of the east parking lot had to undergo construction over the spring break to get a head start before the May 1 to June 16 project deadline for an upcoming even larger project on campus.

“The project scope is going to take longer to complete than expected so Sound Transit (Kiewit the General Contractor) approached us and asked for an earlier than expected start time in order to try and have this overall project completed by the start of fall quarter,” said Director of Facilities Department Barry Holldorf.

One aspect of the construction in the north end is digging out a hole to re-route the watering system and drain out the water through the storm pipes from the parking lot. The goal is to have it be done before the water makes it into the pond that is located past Highline’s tennis courts on campus.

Global trade starts on campus

Highline offers business focused students an opportunity to continue their education with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Global Trade and Logistics.

Highline currently offers seven bachelor’s degrees: Cybersecurity and Forensics; Respiratory Care; Youth Development; Early Childhood Education; Elementary Education; Integrated Design; and Global Trade and Logistics.

T.M. Sell: The mastermind behind the Thunderword

Perhaps no one currently on campus has been at Highline longer than Dr. T.M. Sell.

Dr. T.M. Sell is a professor of Political Science and Economy at Highline, and has a history with the school that transcends his time as an instructor. In addition to his current position, Dr. Sell has also worked closely with the Thunderword in the past.

“T.M. was our journalism instructor and the advisor for the Thunderword,” said Lisa Voso, coordinator of the Communications Department and Dr. Sell’s previous boss.

International Women’s History Month

There have been many changes throughout history, but some women still aren’t feeling heard.

International Women’s History Month was established in 1987, and is meant to recognize the changes made by and for women.

From voting rights being won in 1919 to being able to open bank accounts in 1960, a lot of progress has been made over the past several hundred years.

Are you gathering reliable information on the internet? Join Highline library's MisinfoDay to find out

Highline’s Library hosts the
‘Misinformation 101’ event in hopes of getting students to find reliable sources by looking at misinformation and disinformation.

“Misinformation is any false or misleading information that has been shared or spread unintentionally. Disinformation is any false or misleading information that has been created and shared or spread intentionally to achieve a goal,” Reference Librarian Ian Porter said.

MisinfoDay will be held this Friday, March 17 at 1 p.m. in Building 25, the library, in room 206A.

Up-and-coming support group creates a space for students to feel welcomed and supported

Highline’s Q Center Group began its commitment to an open space for the LGBTQIA+ on campus in 2019 and has been setting stepping stones since then.

LGBTQIA+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, and asexual.