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BECU shred-it event comes to Tukwila this Saturday

Is your home cluttered with old paperwork or outdated electronics? BECU Tukwila Financial Center is holding their bi-annual shred-it event this Saturday, April 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and this could be the week that you clear out all of your clutter!

The event (held at 12770 Gateway Drive in Tukwila) has been a hit the past few years with those who want to get rid of old tax paperwork, and their partnership with the Tukwila Food Bank and Northwest Center makes this effort a win-win.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 4/18/2024

Ah, Rome. The Eternal City, where every cobblestone tells a tale and every ruin whispers of ancient glory. Join me as we embark on a journey through the storied streets and timeless treasures of this legendary metropolis.

Our adventure begins in the mists of antiquity, where myth and history intertwine to tell the tale of Rome’s fabled origins. According to legend, the city was founded by Romulus and Remus, twin brothers who went on to establish a settlement on the banks of the Tiber River in 753 B.C.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 4/4/2024

Ah, dentistry, the art of making sure your pearly whites stay white… or at least not terrifyingly yellow. Believe it or not, folks, we’ve been obsessed with our chompers since the dawn of time. Picture it: 7000 B.C. You’ve got cavemen roaming around, grunting at each other, and what’s on their mind? Fixing that nagging toothache, of course!

So, our journey through the annals of dentistry begins in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, where even back then, they were saying, “Hey, my tooth hurts! Let’s jam a rock in there and see if that helps.” Spoiler alert: it didn’t. But hey, you gotta give them props for trying, right?

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 3/14/2024

In 1970, the Iranian government wasn’t planning just any old party. No, they were gearing up for an epic bash to celebrate the remarkable 2,500-year history of the Persian Empire. They weren’t settling for mediocrity; they wanted a celebration that would make history itself raise an eyebrow.

It took them a whole year to plan a three-day extravaganza, spanning from Oct. 12 to 14, 1971. For this epic event, they did something that even Hercules would have second thoughts about – crafting a 70-meter-long (that’s a whopping 230 feet) table and a matching tablecloth big enough that it could double as a landing strip for small planes. But here’s the kicker: it took 150 women over half a year to sew that gigantic tablecloth. That’s dedication!

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 3/7/2024

We are living in this crazy world where unfortunately everything’s digital, right? Well it turns out, like, 90% of all the data floating around out there was just born in the past couple of years. Yeah, you heard that right – two years! It’s like we’re all suddenly drowning in a tsunami of data, and nobody handed out life jackets.

So, you know how you’re scrolling through Instagram, liking pics of puppies and drooling over food porn? Well, congrats, my friend, you’re adding to that ginormous pile of data. And it’s not just us regular folks.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/29/2024

In a tale that could make even the most dedicated entomologist (people who study insects as a career) question their eyesight, researchers have embarked on a microscopic journey into the world of the Megaphragma mymaripenne wasp (also known as fairyfly) – the insect kingdom’s ultimate miniaturized marvel.

Clocking in at a barely-there 139 micron (smaller than some single-celled organisms), this diminutive parasite has scientists both marveling and squinting in disbelief. Armed with an electron microscope, they’ve zoomed in to the mysteries of its fairy-like physique.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/22/2024

A groundbreaking study published in Nature has produced the first global map of forest tree density and estimated that there are over three trillion trees worldwide. You read that right – trillion with a “T”. Researchers were clearly trying to one-up previous estimates of around 400 billion trees, which now seems paltry in comparison.

By collecting data from over 400,000 measurement plots in forests globally, the Yale researchers pulled off this feat of statistical one-upmanship. Their models estimate approximately 1.39 trillion trees exist in tropical and subtropical forests alone.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/15/2024

If you love high-end coffee, I’ve got the most expensive and the highest quality brew you can get – it’s called Kopi Luwak. It has a complex flavor profile that is smooth, earthy, and sweet, with a hint of chocolate. Its unique fermentation process gives it a distinct flavor that cannot be replicated.

Indonesia is the largest producer of Kopi Luwak coffee. Only around 1100 –1540 lb (500–700 kg) of Kopi Luwak is produced annually. Kopi Luwak can cost up to a whopping $100 per cup or $600 per pound, which is $500 more per pound than uranium (uranium is cheaper than I thought).

Feb. 9 and 14 poetry submission deadlines: Everything you need to know

There can’t be too much of a good thing! The National Poetry Month Committee and Arcturus are operating at full steam in order to get students recognized. 

National Poetry Month (deadline Feb. 9) and Arcturus (deadline Feb. 14) will be announcing their respective winners as National Poetry Month approaches, and there is still time to get involved!

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/8/2024

Ah, the realm of currency, where greenbacks (money$$$$) reign supreme. But what about those forgotten denominations, tucked away in the annals of financial history? Unless you’re an avid collector or have a rich uncle, chances are you won’t stumble upon these pieces of history.

Let’s begin with the elusive $2 bill. It’s treated like a mythical creature when discovered. Newsflash: It’s not a unicorn, just a less common bill. But don’t expect to buy your morning coffee with it unless you enjoy perplexed looks from the barista. (The $2 bill is legal tender.)

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/1/2024

New research has revealed that rats produce high-frequency giggles when tickled, adding to evidence that these rodents share some similarities with humans when it comes to expressing positive emotions. What an earth-shattering discovery – someone call the Nobel committee!

Scientists conducted experiments where they tickled juvenile rats while recording the ultrasonic vocalizations the animals made in response. They discovered that the rats consistently produced a unique set of high-pitched chirping sounds during the tickling that were distinct from other rat vocalizations. Apparently rats think being tickled is hilarious. Who knew?!

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 1/25/2024

Constructed in 1936, Boeing Plant 2 in Seattle became the birthplace of iconic aircrafts, including the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-52 Stratofortress. In the bustling days of World War II, the plant decided to add an unconventional defense strategy.

Faced with the possibility of aerial attacks, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opted for a less conventional approach. They turned the plant’s roof into a fake neighborhood, complete with plywood houses and streets. This imaginative defense tactic earned the nickname “Boeing Wonderland.”

Washington state increases minimum wage in 2024

The new year has started off with a change to the state’s minimum wage. The 2024 minimum wage went up 54 cents (a 3.4% increase from 2023). This change was needed because of the rise in the cost of living. According to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, the new minimum wage has changed from $15.74 in 2023 to $16.28 in 2024.

In mid-September of each year, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries makes a cost-of-living adjustment to the minimum wage. This is based on the Federal Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage and Clerical Workers.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 1/18/2024

In a move that defies all logic and architectural norms, Lake Havasu City proudly stands as the guardian of the “genuine” London Bridge, which, by the way, came with a hefty price tag of $2.46 million back in 1971, equivalent to a jaw-dropping $16.6 million in today’s money. When you think of British landmarks, your mind naturally wanders to the sprawling deserts of Arizona.

But wait, there’s more! The total cost, including transportation and reconstruction, soared to an impressive $7 million in 1971 – a sum that translates to an eye-watering $47 million in today’s dollars. Nothing says fiscal responsibility like investing in a bridge that’s more than just a bridge; it’s a statement.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 1/11/2024 - “Groundbreaking news”

In a groundbreaking discovery that has left conspiracy theorists scratching their heads, scientists have confirmed that the Earth is indeed round. Yes, you read that right – round! Despite centuries of evidence, some individuals still clung to the idea that our planet was as flat as a pancake. But fear not, dear readers, for the truth has prevailed.

Denys's weekly wonders: StarDate 12/7/2023

Ah, Scotland, the land of misty mountains, rolling hills, and, of course, the majestic and totally real national animal – the unicorn. Because when it comes to choosing a symbol of national pride, nothing says “we’re a serious and no-nonsense country” like a mythical, horned horse that prances around in fairy tales.

Picture this: deep in the heart of the Scottish highlands, where kilts are worn with pride and bagpipes serenade the haggis, a group of wise decision-makers gathers to select a creature worthy of representing the nation. Do they go for the fierce and iconic Scottish wildcat, a creature that actually exists and roams the rugged landscapes? Nah, too predictable. Let’s aim for the stars – or, in this case, the enchanted forests of fantasy.

Kent library to host arts and craft afternoon

The Kent Library System will be hosting an arts & craft afternoon at the Kent Library for teens, tweens, and adults. The event will take place on Dec. 13 from 3:00-4:30 p.m.

During the session there will be opportunities to try embroidery, drawing, collage, watercolor, fabric art, and more with all supplies provided.

Denys's weekly wonders: StarDate 11/30/2023

In the riveting saga of Cold War cloak-and-dagger antics, there exists a gem of absurdity: Operation Acoustic Kitty. Hold on to your spy hats, folks, as we delve into the meowsterpiece that had intelligence agencies thinking, “What if our top agents had whiskers?”

Denys's weekly wonders: StarDate 11/23/2023

Ah, the magnificent miscalculation of Swanson, a company owned by Conagra Brands, in 1953, where they boldly assumed the world was on the brink of a Thanksgiving turkey apocalypse, resulting in a poultry surplus of 260 tons. Because, clearly, nothing says holiday cheer like a freezer full of feathered friends.

Denys's weekly wonders: StarDate 11/16/2023

Oh, the Brits and their undying love for tea! Forget about tanks being instruments of war; in the world of His Majesty’s military, they’re essentially oversized kettles on tracks, ready to brew a cuppa in the heat of battle. Because when life gives you explosions and chaos, what you really need is a good Earl Grey to calm the nerves.

Denys's weekly wonders: StarDate 11/9/2023

Eternal Reefs, the company that decided that “sleeping with the fishes” should be taken literally, is making waves in the memorialization world with their offbeat approach to honoring the dearly departed. Instead of sticking to the same old burial or cremation routine, they’ve come up with the wild idea of transforming human remains into ocean reefs. Because who wouldn’t want to give fish a chance to socialize with your great-aunt Gertrude?

The International Transfer Fair is coming to Highline

The annual Transfer Fair, held by International Student Programs, is coming to the Highline campus this Thursday, Nov. 9, from 10 a.m. to noon. 

If you plan to transfer to a university, please attend the Transfer Fair in Building 8. This event welcomes all students, international and local.

Attending the International Transfer Fair is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of various universities and gain a better understanding of different application requirements, campus culture, and university programs. 

Denys's weekly wonders: StarDate 11/2/2023

Hold your horses, folks, because we’re about to dive into the wacky world of Horse Diving! We’re about to unveil a historical oddity that’ll have you saying, “You’ve gotta be hoofing kidding me!” Ever wondered what in the neigh-tion it is and how it works?

Saddle up as we gallop through the history of this gravity-defying spectacle that had riders jumping through hoops, quite literally, from heights of up to 40 feet.

Extra! Extra! Carmen Sandiego spotted in Highline - mystery afoot!

In an unexpected twist, the elusive and enigmatic Carmen Sandiego has been sighted in Highline, sending the city into a frenzy of excitement and curiosity. But beware, citizens, for wherever Carmen goes, a whirlwind of intrigue and mystery follows.

Reports indicate that Carmen Sandiego was seen discreetly making her way through the bustling streets of Highline, leaving locals and authorities scratching their heads. What could possibly be her latest target, and what valuable treasure has she set her sights on this time?

Highline’s Wellness Center has everything you need for your cardio and strength training goals

Highline students can work out on campus in the Wellness Center, which has a full gym. The cardio and strength training equipment in the 3,000-square-foot gym includes: treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, variable resistance machines, free weights, and dumbbells.