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T.M. Sell: The mastermind behind the Thunderword

Perhaps no one currently on campus has been at Highline longer than Dr. T.M. Sell.

Dr. T.M. Sell is a professor of Political Science and Economy at Highline, and has a history with the school that transcends his time as an instructor. In addition to his current position, Dr. Sell has also worked closely with the Thunderword in the past.

“T.M. was our journalism instructor and the advisor for the Thunderword,” said Lisa Voso, coordinator of the Communications Department and Dr. Sell’s previous boss.

International Women’s History Month

There have been many changes throughout history, but some women still aren’t feeling heard.

International Women’s History Month was established in 1987, and is meant to recognize the changes made by and for women.

From voting rights being won in 1919 to being able to open bank accounts in 1960, a lot of progress has been made over the past several hundred years.

Are you gathering reliable information on the internet? Join Highline library's MisinfoDay to find out

Highline’s Library hosts the
‘Misinformation 101’ event in hopes of getting students to find reliable sources by looking at misinformation and disinformation.

“Misinformation is any false or misleading information that has been shared or spread unintentionally. Disinformation is any false or misleading information that has been created and shared or spread intentionally to achieve a goal,” Reference Librarian Ian Porter said.

MisinfoDay will be held this Friday, March 17 at 1 p.m. in Building 25, the library, in room 206A.

Up-and-coming support group creates a space for students to feel welcomed and supported

Highline’s Q Center Group began its commitment to an open space for the LGBTQIA+ on campus in 2019 and has been setting stepping stones since then.

LGBTQIA+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, and asexual.

Spring quarter 2023 class enrollment is now open

Students are encouraged to sign up for their spring time classes earlier than later as early looks at registration shows tentatively positive changes from last year.

Highline students may enroll for Spring quarter courses as the quarter approaches on April 3, 2023.


How to get involved in visual arts

Students interested in a visual arts related career have a plethora of options.

Many people may think of painting and drawing as all there is to art, but that just isn’t the case, said Amanda Hood-Sweeney, a local artist and adjunct professor in Highline’s Department of Art and Design.

“There are really so many options for anyone looking to incorporate more artistic creativity into their daily lives,” Hood-Sweeney said.

Earthquakes can shake the globe

Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest can be just as scary as the ones in Turkey, with long lasting effects.

Over 300 years ago a gigantic earthquake shook the Western Washington area and left an impact on historical events we see today.

On January 26, 1700, at approximately 9 p.m. an earthquake of around 8.7 to 9.2 magnitude struck Western Washington grounds for around 5 minutes, Highline instructor Stephaney Puchalski said in an email.

“[It] generated a tsunami and violently shook the ground for three to five minutes as witnessed by the Japanese and indigenous people living along the coastal interior of the Pacific Northwest,” the email said.

Social conventions at comic convention

Emerald City Comic Con gives the Puget Sound community members the opportunity to gather and celebrate their favorite media and artists.

There are several iterations of Comic Con hosted throughout the nation, but the Emerald City Comic Con is held at the Seattle Convention Center. The convention center has five floors, some of which have open floors filled with different booths, and other floors have rooms with panels and presentations.

Spring is just around the corner, but the flowers are already blooming

The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of plant life in its ecosystem, and the Puget Sound communities have several ways to appreciate it.

As another snowy winter draws to a close and spring steadily approaches the Puget Sound, the local landscape of the region anticipates an outpouring of native flora roused from hibernation to return to decorate neighborhoods and gardens in the community.

Oppression continues in the everyday lives of community members

Systemic racism still has its roots in the community, and many people are still suffering because of it.

Systemic racism and discrimination refer to the ways in which societal structures and institutions serve to maintain biases and unfairness against people of color.

These biases and inequalities can take many forms, including unequal access to education, employment, and economic opportunities.

One community member shares a recent memory of how these biases interfered with her life.


Softball winds up new season; first pitch of conference this week

After a three year hiatus from NWAC competition, the Highline softball team is back with a new head coach and a ten-woman squad.

To recap, the last time Highline softball hit the field was in April of 2021. The Lady T-Birds played just six games, going 4-2 in the COVID abbreviated season.

After a short spring season and a sudden head coach vacancy, the softball program remained on pause while other T-Bird sports slowly picked back up in late 2021 and 2022. It wasn’t until January of last year that Highline’s search for a head coach ended with the hiring of Kristine Foley.

Lady T-Bird tennis drops conference opener to Bulldogs, 6-3

After some tough preseason competition for the young squad, Highline women’s tennis fell to arch rival Bellevue in the first match of conference play.

Last season, Lady T-Birds tennis took home the program’s first ever title after a perfect conference and championship tournament run. Additionally, the team clinched the singles title, the doubles title, and the head coach of the year. Bellevue came in second place.

Women overcome Chokers to advance; Raiders ruffle Highline’s feathers in a season-ending defeat

An exciting overtime win initiated a playoff header, but the Lady T-Birds were winded against Pierce, 53-32, concluding Highline’s season.

Last Wednesday, the Highline women hosted Grays Harbor in their last scheduled match of the season, needing one more win to clinch a playoff opportunity.

The Chokers kept Highline on their toes to force the overtime, but the Lady T-Birds came out on top with a 65-60 victory to march onto playoffs the following Saturday.

Women split games, sophomore night becomes an all-or-nothing for the playoffs

The Highline women’s basketball team went 1-1 and gear up for a sophomore night victory to force an NWAC Play-In Game for the postseason.

The winds have turned in the Lady T-Birds’ favor after a much needed win over Tacoma, 39-57, last Wednesday and subsequently back-to-back losses for No. 4 Pierce.

Green River, Lower Columbia, and South Puget Sound all clinched the first, second, and third postseason spots respectively after last week’s competition. Now, one spot remains.


An exorcist boy meets a ghost girl

“Yugari-sou no Yunna-san” (July 2018, Xebec) is an anime about an exorcist boy moving into a haunted inn.

The show follows a “hands-on” exorcist by the name of Kogarashi Fuyuzora (voiced by Yuuki Ono) who is able to see the ghost of Yuragi inn named Yuuna Yunohana (Miyuri Shimabukuro). Being forced to stay in the same room as Yunna, they get closer to each other and are even pushed by some of the inn goers, except for a few.

Despite a very fun and out-there concept, "Cocaine Bear" could still have gone crazier

Deliberately making a B-Movie is harder than it looks, it takes a lot of dedication, self awareness, self control, fun/memorable moments, and heart to do it correctly. If done incorrectly, it comes off as insincere, the audience will be annoyed and feel belittled, like they’re being talked down to.

But the most important thing a B-Movie must do is be 100% committed to being a B-Movie, if for even a second, it runs the risk of falling apart. “Cocaine Bear” (2023, directed by Elizabeth Banks) unfortunately breaks character more than a few times.

“8 Mile” succeeds at making the most out of its one shot

There are some movies that are simple concepts on the onset. Then there are films like “8 Mile” (2002, directed by Curtis Hanson), a film starring Eminem as the lead, with a story that takes a lot out of his life, and is about the struggles of an up-and-coming rapper, but at the same time isn’t an autobiography.

The film is about Rabbit (played by Eminem, and is totally NOT a stand-in for him – sense the sarcasm here) a young adult in Detroit who’s really good at rapping and rap battles, but has a hard time doing it in front of an audience. As if that’s not bad enough his life is pretty much in the toilet, he lives in a trailer park, his mom is a hot mess, he probably got his girlfriend pregnant, and his car is as reliable as congress is speedy.

Girl wants to have her best friend notice her feelings

“Tomo-chan is a Girl” (January 2023, Lay-duce) is an anime where all the female lead wants is for the male lead to recognize her as a woman.

The two main characters of this show are Tomo Aizawa (voiced by Rie Takahashi) and Junichirou Kubota (Kaito Ishikawa) who grew up together with Junichirou thinking that Tomo was a boy due to her rambunctious nature. Now in high school, all Tomo wants is for Junichirou to see her as a girl and go out with her.


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