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Fireside Bistro & Ground to Tree Coffee - Exploring the grounds of each side

On both ends of campus stand two giants of student coffee. The Fireside Bistro, open since Fall 2021 in Building 8, and Ground to Tree Coffee, open since Fall 2023 in Building 29. Now that both have been operating simultaneously for five months, how well does each fare for students?

Before the analysis comes the backstory. Fireside Bistro’s progress was teased via its Instagram account that unveiled items and partnerships leading up to its grand opening. After a month of teasers, testing, and a short opening delay, the bistro finally opened its doors to the Student Union Building’s second floor on October 18, 2021.

Balance and maintaining mental health while in college

College life is often hailed as a transformative journey filled with new experiences, academic challenges, and personal growth. However, it’s essential to recognize that this period can also be mentally demanding.

Academia brings with it a whirlwind of expectations, deadlines, and social dynamics. The pressure to excel academically, participate in extracurricular activities, and build a social network can be overwhelming. Recognizing the challenges and acknowledging the importance of mental health is the first step toward a more balanced life.

Highline’s Year of the Dragon Festival kicks off the Lunar New Year with celebration

Around 140 of Highline’s students and staff gathered to celebrate this year’s Lunar New Year in the Building 8 Mt. Constance room this past Thursday. The festivities, meant to educate about the rich history of this holiday and to celebrate with the community, was hosted by Highline’s Global Student Ambassadors and the Inter-Cultural Center.

“The goal of this event was to assist students in comprehending the history of Lunar New Year and the many ways that people throughout the globe celebrate it,” said Linh Nguyen, one of the hosts of the event. “Through this we also desired to have students who must leave their homes in order to attend school during this time feel more connected and at ease in the event.”

Day in the life of student government

When it comes to student leadership, the Associated Students of Highline College (ASHC) has represented the multiracial, multicultural, and multigenerational student body for many years. They do so through connecting students with various leadership opportunities and advocating for solutions to the biggest issues that students face, like textbook affordability.

President DeVoni Young, Vice President Clara Swart, and Speaker of the Caucus Kimberly Wangari are charged with the task of ensuring all students have a say in the decisions that will impact their future.

Veterans Office grand opening at Highline College

Last time the Thunderword checked in with Highline College’s own Veterans Services Office, Kendall Evans, who is at the helm, was eagerly awaiting a new and improved room for student veterans to congregate at their leisure. Well, that day has come!

Evans and his student veteran staff want to spread the word that Building 23, room 111, boasts free coffee, snacks, a TV, and computers for those wanting to get ahead in class while they take a load off.

Teaching English language learners: Navigating ESL vs. ESOL

With increasing numbers of English language learners (ELLs) in schools, teachers require proper training to effectively educate this diverse population. There are several common certification types for instructing ELLs, including English as a second language (ESL) and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

ESL focuses on teaching English to nonnative speakers living in an English-speaking country, as ESL teacher Tom Brock explains, “Teaching ESL allows me to help others adapt to living in an English-speaking country while sharing knowledge about my own culture too. It’s incredibly rewarding.” 

Navigating the job market: Career options for graduating students 

As graduation approaches, Highline students find themselves at the threshold of a new chapter that requires job marketing. Navigating this transition between school and the career world requires careful consideration and strategic planning.

By reflecting on your skills, interests, and passions you can pinpoint potential career paths. Additionally, you can research industries with high demand for professionals in your field, attend career fairs, networking events, and workshops to gain industry insights.

Black History Month celebrated at Highline

February is a time where Black history is honored and represented all over the United States. People from all walks of life continue to honor the titans that fought for equality during Black History Month. 

As part of Highline’s celebration and recognition of Black History Month, this past Thursday the college hosted renowned speaker and academic Dr. A.K. Sterling. Dr. Sterling visited the Umoja Village in Building 25 and gave a presentation about his story and how it connects with the overall theme of how we can continue to shape history. 

Highline to host Year of the Dragon Festival

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and that means the Year of the Dragon event is coming soon to the Highline campus! 

The Inter-Cultural Center (ICC) and Global Student Ambassadors (GSA) have been working together to give the Highline community a true celebration on Feb. 15 with a stockpile of games and food for any students who want to come by and join the festivities.

Inter-Cultural Center peer facilitator Chansophalysa Than sat down with the Thunderword to explain what the Lunar New Year means to her, as well as providing everyone a sneak preview of the good things to come.

The Q Boutique fashion shows the importance of self-expression through clothing

The Q Center and the Q Boutique have come together to put on their second seasonal fashion show for the Highline community. The Q team hosted the inaugural seasonal event this past fall. These fashion shows spend the evening showcasing the clothing in the Q Boutique.

The Q Boutique, which is located behind the stage of Building 4, room 122, is a donation based program that allows LGBTQIA+ students a way to obtain gender affirming clothing at no expense. “It’s really about standing up for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and belonging and thriving a Highline,” said Amy Rider, an Academic Success faculty member who opened the show alongside Chino Gonzales.

The high value of marketing and how it affects the Highline community

In the dynamic landscape of education and business alike, the importance of effective marketing cannot be overstated. By exploring the high value of marketing and the effects it has on people’s decisions, it is clear there is a profound impact on Highline College students and the broader community. 

From fostering student engagement to shaping community dynamics, marketing plays an important role in connecting, informing, and empowering all students at Highline. In today’s society marketing serves as the bridge that connects students to the diverse opportunities available at Highline and within our community.


A city guide to downtown Auburn

Downtown Auburn is best known for its outlet mall and not much else, but venturing a little further into the heart of the small city, it houses several hidden gems that are worth checking out.

Klay Krazy Ceramics sits on a residential corner, with its main wall facing a busy highway, with the unpainted pottery pieces rattling on their shelves as cars cruise by. It’s a charming building, a baby blue on the inside and smelling sweetly of stale paint and unbaked clay.

Get ready for the ride: Transit project in Federal Way set to complete in 2026

Get ready for an exciting change! The Federal Way Transit Project is on track to wrap up in 2026, and the community is ready for the future of local transportation.

The Federal Way Transit Project, scheduled for completion in 2026, is set to transform transportation in this region of Washington, according to Sound Transit. This significant upgrade aims to create a more connected transit network, providing residents with an efficient way to navigate their daily lives.

Identity theft prevention

Identity theft occurs when another person steals your personal information and uses it without your permission or knowledge. Fraud and identity theft affect hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of people annually. Being a victim to such a crime can be traumatic, so taking necessary precautions will not only save you money, but also bring you peace of mind.

The stress from this ordeal can cost a person more than just their cash, it can bring with it an emotional toll that makes the experience feel unbearable and isolating. It is important to note, victims of this fairly modern crime are far from alone.

Historically Black colleges and universities offer safe scholarly spaces to students of color across America

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) play a critical role in the American system of higher education. HBCUs have existed for 180 years, and today there are 101 HBCUs in America.

In the wake of emancipation, Black Americans founded HBCUs to educate Black students. During the segregation era, HBCUs offered one of the only paths to a college degree for Black students.

Plushie panic! The rise, fall, and rise again of a cutesy culture

What was once seen as a nerdy niche seemingly became a trendsetter overnight. From Beanie Babies to Squishmallows, stuffed toys and plushies have followed this cycle in pop culture with new fads coming and going. When did this trend cycle start, and when will the current plushie boom end?

Since the dawn of the stuffed toy, plushie companies have been devising the next big toy to kick start a bigger trend. Some attempts like the first Peter Rabbit in 1903 or Paddington Bear in the 1970’s saw success. However, none were even close to the reign of Ty’s Beanie Babies.

The power of the photograph: How images enhance news stories

Photos have long played a pivotal role in bringing news stories to life and engaging readers. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This rings true now more than ever in our visually driven digital age. The use of photographs in news reporting dates back to the early days of the camera in the 19th century.

Mathew Brady was one of the first to demonstrate the power of images in journalism during the Civil War, bringing home the grim realities of war through his photographs of battlefields strewn with bodies. His work showed how photographs could evoke raw emotion and provide an unfiltered look at historic events.

Video: PNW gamers took a dead game and created a 70-person community

New fighting game franchise, “Granblue Fantasy Versus”, is a popular game played here in Washington. Locust Cider First Hill has been the main-hub for anime fighting games for the Seattle area; this is how a community was formed around the love for the game.

Thank you for watching the video and supporting the team here at the Thunderword. This video is our foray into video journalism!

Ways to earn extra money while working your regular job

Starting a small business or having a side job to bring in extra income has many worthwhile benefits. Some of the benefits that a person can enjoy by bringing in extra income can include paying off debt early, taking more vacations, and saving money for retirement.

But before you get started, you will need to consider this: How will you fund, structure, register, and get your tax identification for your business? There are organizations that can help you start your own project though, like the Business Development Center at Highline College which can assist you on your journey.


Highline’s men’s basketball shoot 1-1 on the court

In the fight for glory at the Thunderdome, the Highline’s men’s basketball team splits a pair of matches. First, the Thunderbirds first fell by the narrowest of margins to the Tacoma Titans, and then went on to best the Lower Columbia Red Devils.

On Feb. 21, the Thunderbirds faced off against Tacoma Community College in a game that kept spectators enthralled until the final buzzer. Despite a valiant effort, the Thunderbirds fell short by a single point, with Tacoma Community College sawing out a narrow victory with a final score of 81-80.

Thunderbirds secure wins in thrilling encounters against Centralia and South Puget Sound

The Highline College men’s basketball team brought thunderous victories in their recent back-to-back games, besting teams from Centralia and South Puget Sound this previous week.

The matches put the player’s talents on display as they showcased not only individual prowess but also the power of collective effort and teamwork.

On Feb. 14, the Thunderbirds clashed against Centralia College in a riveting showdown at the Thunderdome. The game witnessed a seesaw battle, with Highline edging out Centralia in both halves. The final score of 83-73 in favor of Highline underscored the team’s perseverance and strategic gameplay.

The women's basketball team does not qualify for the playoffs, will end its season Saturday

Almost at the conclusion of the women’s basketball season, the Thunderbirds faced a strikeout series of games against Green River, Centralia, and South Puget Sound. All three matches were played at home, and all three matches ended with the Thunderbirds trailing.

To recap, in the game against Green River, which was lost 63-46, one of the leaders of the scoreboards and one of the most outstanding players Anaia Lewis compiled 17 points for Highline. On the other side, Emily Williams was the most complete player with 18 points for Green River.

In the following game against Centralia, players like Rahi-Mya Sumler and Sarah Gatluak fought hard, each contributing 16 points. Still, Centralia’s offense proved too strong, ending the game with a 60-48 loss for Highline.

Chiefs win second consecutive Super Bowl

At Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, one of the most exciting and unique NFL championship games unfolded in front of fans, celebrities (yes, Taylor Swift was there), and a record-breaking number of viewers.

On sports biggest stage, the Kanas City Chiefs went on to defeat the San Fransisco 49ers 25-22 in an overtime brawl, securing their second consecutive title. Since its inception, 58 Super Bowls have been played but only two have progressed to overtime, including Sunday’s battle between the Chiefs and 49ers.

Men’s basketball secures a win against Pierce

It was a great start to the week for the Thunderbirds men’s basketball team, who took on Pierce College at home, and came out with a big win. When the clock struck zero the final scoreboard read 73-67. 

The Feb. 7 match saw the Thunderbirds take the lead in the first half 39-29. And while the second half was a super close matchup which ended with Pierce beating Highline on a narrow 38-34 lead, the differential was too much for the Raiders to overcome. Ultimately, the Highline men won the day. 

Highline men's basketball team secures impressive victory against Grays Harbor

In a thrilling matchup at the Thunderdome, the Highline College men’s basketball team showcased its talents, securing a remarkable victory against Grays Harbor College. The game, which captivated fans with its intensity and drama, culminated in a triumphant win for the home team – highlighting the players’ determination and skill on the court.

As the game unfolded it was evident that each team was set on fiercely competing for dominance. The Thunderbirds demonstrated their prowess early on, claiming a commanding lead of 43-28 at the end of the first half.

Highline looks to rebound after tough loss to Lower Columbia, leader in the group

The women’s basketball team was back in action this past Saturday against Lower Columbia, the leader in the standings. Even though the Thunderbirds gave it their all, they were defeated 102-41.

During their Jan. 27 match, the meeting between Lower Columbia and Highline took place at Lower Columbia College in an away game. With an effective performance, the Titans demonstrated their superiority, and Highline was forced to recover and plan for their next battle.


One-Shot Manga Roulette: Touhou hijack

The seaweed is in-fact not always greener in somebody else’s lake. The last thing you remember was going out for a quick swim, next thing you know you’re waking up in a watery grave. Returning from the trenches, the seas brighten with colors as you leave behind the abyss you wonder how long you’ve been gone for (or how it is you’re even alive).

After bursting through the water you find yourself in Gensokyo, a land of fantasy, illusion, and of that which is forgotten…

Comparing three versions of Jeffrey Dahmer dramatizations

Over 30 years after his gruesome serial murders, controversial media portrayals of Jeffrey Dahmer continue to intrigue and disturb viewers.

This review will compare the factual fidelity and ethical problems found between two biopics, “My Friend Dahmer”and “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, versus the documentary series “Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes”.

Discovering Vivian Maier: A journey through her lens

Vivian Maier, unfortunately, remains relatively unknown to those outside the photography community, yet her impact on the art world is profound.

Vivian Maier’s journey through life was marked by a quiet resilience. As a nanny by trade, her true vocation lay in capturing the essence of humanity, one frame at a time – in recording the essence of everyday life through her lens.

In the mid-20th century, she wandered the streets, observing and documenting moments that would otherwise go unnoticed, her footsteps echoing through the streets she traversed with her camera in hand.

One-Shot Manga Roulette: Under the sea

Flowers, cards, candy, and chocolate – the discounted stocks are slowly depleting only to be hastily replaced with Easter festivities, but there’s still plenty of love here with this week’s theme at One-Shot Manga Roulette. Although with this specific topic it’s a toss up on whether that’s good or bad as this week will be about mermaids!

The concept of human-fish hybrids have existed long within multiple different cultures throughout history with the most popular in contemporary culture being the Greek depiction of the beautiful sirens who would lure men to their watery deaths.

“Lisa Frankenstein”: An electrifying tribute to the ’80s

“Lisa Frankenstein” is the joint product of writer Diablo Cody and director Zelda Williams. The title references both the classic Frankenstein story as well as Lisa Frank’s signature colorful art style.

The movie is centered around Kathryn Newton’s character of Lisa Swallows as she navigates high school in 1989 alongside her preppy step sister Taffy. When a creature emerges from the graveyard Lisa frequents, she takes on the task of hiding and ultimately working to piece his body back together.

“Society of the Snow” retells the miracle on the Andes

On Friday the 13th of October 1972, a Uruguayan charter flight crashed in the Andes mountains, carrying the Old Christians rugby team and their companions. Seventy-one days later, two of the survivors walked out of the mountain range into a small farming village.

This incredible true story spawned a novel, “Alive” by Piers Paul Read which compiled each survivor’s account of their life on the mountain into a comprehensive story. From this novel came the movie of the same name and nearly thirty years later “Society of the Snow” took another turn telling the story of both the survivors and the dead.

One-Shot Manga Roulette: Valentine’s Day confessions

Fans of fantasy are currently coping with their PFA with “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”, but even this is at risk to leave them as the anime draws to an end. Nonetheless, things are still rolling here with the One-Shot Manga Roulette! Love was in the air, and chocolate is now discounted. Valentine’s day may have passed; however, it is still being celebrated here with the theme of this week.

Romance as a genre is as broad and expansive as the ways love can be explored as a theme. As complicated as love it can be made easy to understand through the many different tropes in the genre. There are classic story tropes such as the first kiss, the love triangles, and opposite attractions. Then there are personalities like the hot tsundere, cold kuudere, and the always questionable yandere.

"Tekken 8" review: Iron fists collide in the definitive home entry

Amidst a fighting game renaissance, an iron fist strikes: “Tekken 8”. Released mere months before the series’ 30th anniversary, “Tekken 8” further advances the story from 2014’s “Tekken 7”, while offering a ton more content in comparison. After 10 years from its previous entry though, how well does it hold up?

“Tekken 8” was first teased at EVO 2022 in August. It starts by recalling the first game’s ending, where main character Kazuya Mishima throws his father Heihachi off a cliff in an act of revenge. Kazuya smiles at the camera when it suddenly cuts to a new render with two words: “Get ready.”

Supergroup boygenius blows critics away with “the record” sweeping up three Grammys in 2024

Skyrocketing supergroup boygenius is made up of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. While the three members each have their own following and solo albums, magic happens when they unite. 

The first project they worked on together was their EP which contained eight songs, written specifically for a tour for another artist. It was on this tour that they all met and immediately hit it off. With Lucy and Julien meeting first, it was platonic love at first sight; then later with the introduction of Phoebe, who was already making a huge name for herself.

“Poor Things” is a surrealist take on the classic Frankenstein story 

“Poor Things” (2023) from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is based upon the book of the same name and borrows the gothic morbidity and feminist undertones of Mary Shelley’s iconic Frankenstein story. 

“Poor Things” is a major Oscar contender with nominations including Best Picture, Best Actress for Emma Stone, and a Supporting Actor nomination for Mark Ruffalo. “Poor Things” holds eleven nominations, second only to “Oppenheimer” which has received thirteen nods and will be competing against “Poor Things” for Best Picture.

One-Shot Manga Roulette: Post-fantasy depression

Welcome to this week’s One-Shot Roulette! Last week’s edition was on our love for our pets, (and although “Ieva” was featured, my favorite was “The Smell of Happiness,” it was certainly something every panel…). When it comes to writing, one genre in particular is universally difficult to create: hard fantasy. And it will be the theme for this week’s column!

The week is more straightforward compared to last week with an emotional stress level of: 3/10 – although it’s long, with a grand total of 199 pages, making it comparable to a single volume of manga.

The emotional stress level is more of an indicator of how emotionally exhausting I consider the stories to be. Stories are given a number (0, 1, 2) and are then totaled for the week.

*New* Science & Technology

Comets: ​​Celestial wanderers that reveal nature’s creativity

Hey Highline scholars, are you interested to know about the stars in the sky? Today, here are the interesting facts about the comets: the celestial bodies which are made up of ice, dust and rocks.

Let’s discuss the etymology of the word comet. This word is originated from the Greek word ‘kometes’, which means long haired star. However, according to the old english this word is derivative of ‘cometa’ which is from Latin.

Managing relationships with technology

With new tech capabilities constantly on the rise, there’s little we can’t do without electricity, a wifi connection, and a few simple swipes of a finger. Technology has improved the way we live our lives in a myriad of way, yet we would be remiss to ignore the wealth of problems it has brought along with it.

Technology makes our lives easier as it allows us to stay uninterruptedly connected to the world around us. Yet, with its advancement continuously evolving, our engagement with our smartphones, laptops, fitness trackers, and other home devices is evolving as well.

Bioavailability of calcium: The amount of calcium utilized by our bodies

Hey there Highline scholars, do you know how your body absorbs calcium, one of the important minerals for our bones? Calcium is a large mineral present in our body – it helps in strengthening bones and teeth. And although it is difficult to break it down through the digestive system, it plays a vital role in blood clotting.

Calcium bioavailability refers to the amount of calcium in a food or supplement that is absorbable and available for use by the body. It can vary depending on several factors, including the source of calcium and the other components present in the diet or supplement.

News Briefs

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/29/2024

In a tale that could make even the most dedicated entomologist (people who study insects as a career) question their eyesight, researchers have embarked on a microscopic journey into the world of the Megaphragma mymaripenne wasp (also known as fairyfly) – the insect kingdom’s ultimate miniaturized marvel.

Clocking in at a barely-there 139 micron (smaller than some single-celled organisms), this diminutive parasite has scientists both marveling and squinting in disbelief. Armed with an electron microscope, they’ve zoomed in to the mysteries of its fairy-like physique.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/22/2024

A groundbreaking study published in Nature has produced the first global map of forest tree density and estimated that there are over three trillion trees worldwide. You read that right – trillion with a “T”. Researchers were clearly trying to one-up previous estimates of around 400 billion trees, which now seems paltry in comparison.

By collecting data from over 400,000 measurement plots in forests globally, the Yale researchers pulled off this feat of statistical one-upmanship. Their models estimate approximately 1.39 trillion trees exist in tropical and subtropical forests alone.

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/15/2024

If you love high-end coffee, I’ve got the most expensive and the highest quality brew you can get – it’s called Kopi Luwak. It has a complex flavor profile that is smooth, earthy, and sweet, with a hint of chocolate. Its unique fermentation process gives it a distinct flavor that cannot be replicated.

Indonesia is the largest producer of Kopi Luwak coffee. Only around 1100 –1540 lb (500–700 kg) of Kopi Luwak is produced annually. Kopi Luwak can cost up to a whopping $100 per cup or $600 per pound, which is $500 more per pound than uranium (uranium is cheaper than I thought).

Feb. 9 and 14 poetry submission deadlines: Everything you need to know

There can’t be too much of a good thing! The National Poetry Month Committee and Arcturus are operating at full steam in order to get students recognized. 

National Poetry Month (deadline Feb. 9) and Arcturus (deadline Feb. 14) will be announcing their respective winners as National Poetry Month approaches, and there is still time to get involved!

Denys’s weekly wonders: StarDate 2/8/2024

Ah, the realm of currency, where greenbacks (money$$$$) reign supreme. But what about those forgotten denominations, tucked away in the annals of financial history? Unless you’re an avid collector or have a rich uncle, chances are you won’t stumble upon these pieces of history.

Let’s begin with the elusive $2 bill. It’s treated like a mythical creature when discovered. Newsflash: It’s not a unicorn, just a less common bill. But don’t expect to buy your morning coffee with it unless you enjoy perplexed looks from the barista. (The $2 bill is legal tender.)


Opinion: A response to the recent visit from anti-abortion advocates

Disclaimer: Please consider where you are mentally and emotionally right now. The following article addresses and elaborates on the subject of abortion, sexual assault, and death.

Our campus received a visit from a group of men this past week. They brought with them enlarged photos of fetuses in an attempt to spread their belief that abortion is wrong, and nobody should have access to safe reproductive healthcare.  

It is clear to me that they did not come to fight for a woman’s right to choose to see her pregnancy to term. Women already have that right, and nobody has tried to take it away. Instead, they came here to prevent women from ever having that choice.

Opinion: “Madame Web” is great actually

Dakota Johnson stars as the subtly-named Cassandra Webb in Sony’s newest attempt at money laundering: “Madame Web”. Boasting a 3.8 out of 10 stars on IMDb, a 13% critic rating, and 55% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, “Madame Web” is, in my opinion, actually not a bad movie – but perhaps the greatest Pepsi commercial ever made.

While product placement is a common aspect in film, especially modern film, “Madame Web” seems to hint at Spiderman characters as side plots to a larger, expanded “Pepsi Cinematic Universe” (PCU), which I personally find inspiring.

Even the climax of “Madame Web” is atop a giant Pepsi sign, wherein one of the letters falls off and crushes the villain, almost suggesting that the hero all along was Pepsi Cola, with some assistance from strong independent women. 

It’s Taylor Swift’s world, we’re all just living in it

Taylor Swift is the talk of the town these days. Which town? Well, all of them really. The music icon continues to dazzle and delight while on the top of the world. Although she’s seen almost two decades of success and a plethora of awards, she may have just concluded one of the best weeks imaginable. 

Between the previous Sunday (the Grammys) and last Sunday (the Superbowl), the “Fearless” singer won a record-breaking fourth Album of the Year Grammy, announced the release of her 11th album, completed an international leg of her iconic Eras Tour to a sold-out crowd in Japan, oh, and she made it back to Las Vegas in time to watch her famous, arguably the best-there’s-ever-been tight-end boyfriend win the Super Bowl. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Affectionate cats can change your life for the better

The long-fought war between dog and cat lovers is still ongoing. Dog people claim dogs as “man’s best friend”, while cat lovers claim loving cats requires a certain appreciation for individual autonomy. While these paradigms are a couple ways to look at the issue, there is also the extroverted dog versus introverted cat debate. Regardless, all animal lovers can agree that animals improve our lives.

According to Forbes, 66% of households own pets, and of those 66%, 46.5 million households have cats. While dogs beat them out for the majority, 46.5 million is no small number.


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