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The holiday spirit comes in many forms

Christmas is right around the corner, but that’s not the only holiday that the Highline community is celebrating.

The winter season is one for celebration for many cultures, including the Jewish community’s Haunukka, the Hispanic community’s Las Posadas, the African-American community’s Kwanza, and the Christian community’s Christmas.

Besides Trump and Biden, Highline students see few other options for POTUS in 2024

Just one week after the midterm elections had concluded, former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the White House for a third time, but some Highline students already know if they decide to vote in 2024 it will be for anyone but him.

“I wasn’t surprised by that. He’s sort of been indicating that that’s what he was going to do all along,” said Charlene Wilson, a returning student at Highline who already has a Bachelor’s degree, referring to Trump’s announcement.

Campus View is reaching out to Highline families to help house incoming international students

Campus View is where Highline students that chose to live on campus usually reside, but the dorms are going to create some housing problems for students this upcoming quarter, since they are currently at capacity for the winter quarter.

Rent has increased 12% since 2019 and it has been an issue for a lot of people in the greater Seattle-King County metro area to find affordable housing, and it affects students as well.


‘Tis the season to try 10 ways to de-stress

Stress and anxiety are two inevitable things that many students in the Highline community suffer from. So what better way to comfort our community than providing great ways to de-stress yourself for this merry season.

Now that fall quarter is wrapping up, students face many issues from turning in assignments, transportation, managing personal and student life, getting ready for finals, and preparing for the winter quarter, all of which involve stress.

Three out of five students experience a sense of overwhelming anxiety during their school year, according to studies done by the American College Health Association.

Local food banks gave back this Thanksgiving

Highline community food banks have provided custom Thanksgiving meals just for the community and its people, giving much support and resources for families this year.

In the last few weeks, food banks like the Highline Area Food Bank, The Des Moines Area Food Bank, and the Alimentando Al Pueblo helped over hundreds of families throughout the community.


Highline men go 0-2 at the Swamp; Basketball continues play over winter break

The men’s basketball team fell to Shoreline in an overtime thriller and stumbled against Umpqua at the Green River Swamp Classic. The women’s team had no scheduled games last week.

Last weekend, the Highline men’s team was scheduled for three matches in the Swamp Classic tournament, but only played two. Friday’s match against Olympic was canceled by the Green River administration due to snowy weather conditions.

On Saturday, Highline tipped off against Shoreline and fell in an up-and-up battle, 82-78.


You can’t escape from these fun escape room games

With the isolation of Covid starting to fade away and long cold nights settling in, many of us might be ready for an escape. What better way than with an escape room? No, not the businesses that offer physical rooms and puzzles to solve.

Those are cool and interesting but with a cost of around $50 per person, that might be out of reach on a college student’s budget. Instead, check out Escape Room card games. These little boxes of entertainment are about as expensive as a paperback book and can be played in the comfort of your own home with friends and family.

“El Mal Querer” by Rosalía is romantic, melodramatic, and artful

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía is now widely known for her recent musical release, “Motomami”, released in March 2022 and for previous releases featuring Travis Scott and latin sensation J Balvin. However, the 30-year-old Spanish singer was first internationally recognized following the release of her second album under Sony music, “El Mal Querer”.

A boy and a girl team up to ask out their crushes

“Toradora” is known to be one of the quintessential romance animes and most audiences would agree.

“Toradora” (2008, J.C. Staff) follows a stoic faced student named Ryuuji Takasu (voiced by Junji Majima) pursuing a relationship with Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie) only to stumble around and end up in an unexpected relationship.

"Violent Night" proves that just because something is unoriginal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad

In the spirit of the holiday season, “Violent Night” (2022, directed by Tommy Wirkola) provides a fun film that the whole family will enjoy, as long as the whole family doesn’t include the youngins and the particularly squeamish.

It’s Christmas Eve and a very cynical Santa (played by David Harbour, most well known as Sheriff Hopper in “Stranger Things”) is delivering presents to the very rich and vain Lightstone family. During the festivities a group of mercenaries, led by a man named “Scrooge” (John Leguizamo), begin to rob the place and hold the family hostage.


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