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Highline women’s volleyball: Tough competition and aiming high 

Highline Community College’s women’s volleyball team is making waves in the early season, proving their dominance on the court with an impressive string of victories. With a competitive edge and a roster bursting with talent, the team is setting high expectations for their performance this year.

In recent matches, the team participated in the North Region Invite and the North Challenge Invitational, delivering standout performances. They kicked off their winning streak with a convincing 3-0 win against Shoreline at Skagit, followed by another 3-0 victory against Skagit Valley at Skagit. Although they faced a setback against Everett at Whatcom Community College, losing 3-1, they quickly rebounded with a resounding 3-0 win against Whatcom at the same venue.

Men's soccer starts this season with dominant wins

The men’s soccer team at our college has burst onto the scene this season with an exhilarating five-game winning streak, setting the stage for what promises to be a memorable campaign. In their latest showdown against Rogue, they triumphed with a convincing 2-0 victory, keeping their record unblemished and sparking excitement among fans for what lies ahead.

Key players have been pivotal in driving the team’s success. The unyielding presence of goalkeepers Mason Averill and Nicolas Cardenas between the posts have resulted in a series of clean sheets, earning them praise from teammates and supporters alike.

Highline college 2023 spring season recap: Triumphs and challenges across women's tennis, softball, and golf teams

The spring season at Highline College witnessed a mix of triumphs and challenges for the women’s tennis, softball, and golf teams. From impressive performances on the court to battling adversity on the field, the Thunderbirds displayed their dedication and resilience throughout the season.

In women’s tennis, the Lady TBirds embarked on a remarkable journey, finishing second both in the league and the championship.

Led by their exceptional player, Kinsey Lockhart, they showcased their skills and determination. Kinsey Lockhart’s outstanding performance earned her the well-deserved title of NWAC player of the year.

A look into the past and future of Highline’s men’s soccer team

As Highline’s soccer season starts back up in only a few months, let’s look back at the men’s 2022 season.

Their season started off rocky, and by September they had a record of 5-4. But they didn’t let that get them down, they were determined to improve and win games.

Highline welcomes new head coach for the women’s soccer team

The Highline women’s soccer team had an exceptional 2022 season, showcasing their skills and determination on the field. With a series of impressive victories, the team established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the women’s soccer scene.

As they look forward to the 2023 season, they are also thrilled to welcome their new head coach, Marco Monzon, who brings a wealth of experience and a fresh coaching philosophy to the team.

Highline’s tennis team came so close to winning the NWAC title

At the conclusion of an exciting season for the lady T-Birds’ tennis team, they finished second both in the league and the championship. 

Highline’s women’s tennis team came in second at the NWAC championships that took place on May 13 and 14 at Wenatchee WRAC. Winning their semi-final match against Spokane 5-4, but fell short in the finals against Bellevue with a score of 6-3.

During the championship weekend, Thunderbird Kinsey Lockhart was named NWAC player of the year after the incredible season she had.

Three Thunderbird golfers participated in the NWAC championships

Three Thunderbirds participated in the NWAC championships while six teams competed, including Highline.

North Idaho Community College took first place in the men’s team competition, posting a score of 589. Bellevue College took first place for women by posting a score of 499 as a team. 

A disappointing season ends with T-Birds' loss

Highline College’s softball team concluded their forgettable 2023 season with a doubleheader against Douglas College at home. Unfortunately, the T-Birds failed to end on a high note, losing their last game.

In the first game, Highline faced a forfeit, resulting in a disappointing start to their final outing. In the second game against Douglas College, the T-Birds struggled to find their momentum.

Douglas College dominated the game, scoring consistently throughout. The final score stood at 10-1 in favor of Douglas College. The Thunderbirds managed only three hits during the game and were unable to mount a comeback.

Doubleheader ends in disappointment for Highline’s softball team

Highline’s softball team faced off against Edmonds College in a doubleheader this past Thursday. In the games, which were rescheduled from April 11, the Thunderbirds fell to the Tritons 13-3 and 12-3, respectively.

In the first game, Edmonds College came out strong with their batters displaying remarkable performances. Jaelyn Myers, playing as right fielder, led the offensive charge for Edmonds, going 3-for-4 at the plate with 2 runs.

Taiana Round, Nanea Andrade, Jordyn Relethford, Sydney Rucshner, and Taylor Eskew also contributed with hits, adding to the team’s total of 12 hits for the game. Grace Humes even managed to hit a home run, providing a significant boost to Edmonds’ score.

The Thunderbirds golf team swings their way to seventh

The Highline golf team finished seventh in the Southwestern Oregon Community College competition. At the Bandon Dunes golf course in Bandon, Ore., seven teams competed, including Highline.

Bellevue College took first place in the competition for men and posted a score of 580 as a team. Fraser Valley took first place for women as they posted a score of 474 as a team.

Highline's softball team suffers consecutive losses to Everett College

In a disappointing doubleheader held at their home field, the Highline softball team faced a tough challenge against the formidable Everett College team. Despite their best efforts, Highline fell short in both games, with scores of 20-0 in the first game and 8-0 in the second game.

The first game saw an impressive offensive display from Everett College. Leiloa Bustamante, Savanna Ah Mook Sang-Frank, Jordyn Lono, Isabelle Hansen, Kayla Tuaoa, Ivane Aholelei, Madison German, Avery Olson, and Alli Wilson showcased their skills at the plate, contributing to a total of 18 hits and 20 runs for Everett.

Tennis team bests the Bulldogs; makes it to NWAC Championships

The T-Bird Ladies tennis team performed excellently in their match last Sunday, defeating the Bulldogs, 5-4, and securing their spot in the NWAC Championship.

Highline’s Tennis Head Coach Laura Rosa praised her team, and not just about their athletic performance. “This match was a testament to everything we have stood for all year which is, ‘Who we are is why we win.’ I am incredibly proud of this team and who they have chosen to be all year in both defeat and victory,” said Rosa.

The Thunderbirds finish seventh in NWAC league match

The Highline golf team finished seventh, out of the seven total teams competing, in the North Idaho College NWAC match at the Avondale golf course in Hayden, Idaho.

Northern Idaho took first place in the competition for both men and women participants. They posted a score of 584 for men and 481 for women.

The Highline softball team's woes continue against tough opponents

The Thunderbirds faced a tough challenge on Saturday, as they took on the Bulldogs in a doubleheader game. Despite putting up a good fight, the Thunderbirds were unable to overcome the Bulldogs’ dominance, losing both games by a significant margin.

In the first game, the Thunderbirds fell 10-2. Abigail Wilkins was the standout player for Highline, hitting a home run and driving in two runs. However, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Bulldogs’ strong offense, and the Thunderbirds ultimately fell short.

The second game was even more difficult for the Thunderbirds, as they were shut out 22-0 by the Bulldogs.

Highline’s tennis team comes away from their match as victors

Last Saturday, the Highline women’s tennis team won 9-0 against Treasure Valley Community College, which was an impressive improvement from their loss last week.

“I was really pleased with how the team played this week. It was a long day of travel to and from Oregon and it was an exceptionally hot day, but the TBirds were focused and took care of business,” said Head Coach Laura Rosa.

Thunderbirds softball gets their first win

The Thunderbirds softball team played a doubleheader for the Northwest Athletic Conference against Olympic College on Saturday, and it was a mixed result for the team.

In the first game, the Thunderbirds came away with their first win of the season, defeating the Rangers at home 3-2. However, they lost their momentum in their second game and fell to Olympic College 16-2.

In the first game, the Thunderbirds came out strong and were able to secure a win thanks to some key plays by Jazlyn Furuya, Corrina Cunningham, and Abigail Wilkins. Jazlyn Furuya hit a double and a single, Corrina Cunningham hit a double, and Abigail Wilkins hit a home run. Trinity Marion pitched a great game and held the Rangers to only two runs.

Highline’s tennis team had a very busy weekend

Last weekend, Highline’s tennis team were defeated in two matches, one at Lewis and Clark State College and a conference match at Spokane Community College.

Even though the Thunderbirds find themselves in a two game losing streak, the team will take that as motivation as they move on to their next match.

In Lewis-Clark State College, the Thunderbirds faced a heavy-weight opponent that included National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics four-year athletes.

Thunderbirds finish eighth in Bellevue Invitational

The Highline Thunderbirds golf team finished eighth, out of the eight teams that competed, in the Bellevue Invitational.

At the Bellevue golf course, Northern Idaho took first place in the competition for both men and women participants. They posted a score of 585 for the men and 481 for the women.

Highline softball team suffers two defeats in Saturday doubleheader

Last Saturday, April 15, the Highline softball team traveled to Clackamas, Ore., to play against the Cougars (Clackamas Community College) in a doubleheader, ending in defeats for both games, 21-2 and 16-1.

Results for the first game were unavailable at press time. In the second game, the Thunderbirds were able to get on the scoreboard early in the first inning when Abigail Wilkins singled, bringing in Daisylynn Laulu for a 1-0 lead. However, Clackamas quickly took control of the game, scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the first and then adding 4 more runs in the second inning.

The Thunderbirds goal for this year is improvement week by week

With a rather young team coming in to start the 2022-2023 season, Coach Steve Turcotte’s goal is steady improvement. “We have a pretty young team but you can expect us to win and improve each week,” Turcotte said.

With the team’s performance at the Olympic College Invitational, already having game experience is a great way for the team to improve and know what they need to work on.

The Thunderbirds softball lost to the Trojans in a doubleheader

The Lady T-Birds played Everett College on the road, losing 9-0 in the first game and 19-1 in the second game. Despite their best efforts, the Thunderbirds were unable to match the Trojans’ strong offensive and defensive plays.

In the first game, the Trojans got off to a strong start, with several key hits and runs in the first inning. The Thunderbirds struggled to get their offense going, with Daisylynn Laulu striking out and Eeron Wong lining out to the pitcher in the first inning. Despite a walk from Corrina Cunningham, the Thunderbirds were unable to bring any runners home, ending the inning with 0 runs, 0 hits, and 1 runner left on base.

The T-Birds tennis team came back with astonishing results

The women’s tennis team won 8-0 in a home game against Treasure Valley Community College last Saturday and earned wonderful records with the outburst performance of Jocelyn Nguyen.

“The match against TVCC gave us an opportunity to start to solidify our doubles pairings for the upcoming championships. One huge highlight has been freshman Jocelynn Nguyen who has come out in the second half of the season as the most aggressive doubles player on the court. She is dynamic and fun to watch when she takes over-the-net play,” Head Coach Laura Rosa shared.

After a trip to Arizona, the tennis team is back to face the NWAC Conference

The Lady T-Birds lost 2-5 in a visit to Arizona Christian University, Ariz., highlighting the participation of the captain Princess Ventura along with Jocelynn Nguyen in doubles and Kinsey Lockhart in singles.

The tennis team had a very busy spring break, they traveled for four days, from Saturday, March 25, to Thursday, March 28, to play against one of the strongest 4-year colleges and universities in the sport.

The Raiders defeat the Thunderbirds at home

The Highline softball team is still in a bad streak and has not won yet, after two games last Wednesday, March 29. They lost both games by a score of 1-9 and 21-3 against Pierce College in the NWAC conference.

In the first game, Eeron Wong had a good performance getting a hit for the T-birds but then the Raiders took the lead with Helena Castanon getting a three-run homerun and Pierce ended up completing the other 6 points from Kendall Lawson and Makayla Stockman.

Softball winds up new season; first pitch of conference this week

After a three year hiatus from NWAC competition, the Highline softball team is back with a new head coach and a ten-woman squad.

To recap, the last time Highline softball hit the field was in April of 2021. The Lady T-Birds played just six games, going 4-2 in the COVID abbreviated season.

After a short spring season and a sudden head coach vacancy, the softball program remained on pause while other T-Bird sports slowly picked back up in late 2021 and 2022. It wasn’t until January of last year that Highline’s search for a head coach ended with the hiring of Kristine Foley.