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Women's March Madness: Sports history in the making

The Women’s 2024 March Madness Tournament will go down in sports history. It was the most attended March Madness tournament in history attracting a record 357,000 fans. If you wanted to get a ticket, good luck, it was harder to make it to this tournament than any Taylor Swift Concert – and it cost a lot more too. 

This was the most viewed Women’s March Madness tournament period, and most viewed basketball game period since 2019. The Championship between Iowa and North Carolina drew a peak viewership of 24 million combined on ESPN and ABC marking the first time ever a woman’s final drew more attendance than the men’s final.

Highline tennis team remains unstoppable

After beating Treasure Valley College with a final score of 6 to 1 in their last match, the women’s tennis team continues to be in a good position for a shot at the title this season.

In last Saturday’s regular season game, where Highline College played as visitors to Treasure Valley College, and emerged victorious, Henleigh Elder was the outstanding player of the match, with a 6-0 victory in singles and in doubles sharing the field with Sophia Crosby; they destroyed the local team with a crushing 8-1.

The Highline tennis team remains unbeaten in the regular season

The Highline College tennis team is unstoppable, dominating the regular season with a perfect record and securing the top spot in the standings. In their final home game on Saturday, the women’s team trounced Treasure Valley College with an impressive 8-1 victory.

Highline’s singles players were on fire, with Sophia Crosby, Caley Buchan, Denali Terry, and Riley Cordova all winning their matches convincingly, with scores of 6-0, 6-0, 6-1, and 6-2, respectively. Treasure Valley’s Maggie Sharp put up a valiant effort but was the only player from her team to emerge victorious.

Men’s March Madness: standing on the shoulders of giants

The quote “standing on the shoulders of giants” is a quote that was popularized by Isaac Newton as a metaphor for using the understanding and knowledge of those that have gone before us to make progress. It is a quote that can certainly be applied metaphorically to the 2024 Men’s March Madness Tournament.

Without the progress of Jim Calhoon bringing UConn into the national spotlight through his several title runs from 1999 – 2011 UConn would never have attracted head coaching candidate Dan Hurley, and they would certainly never be in the conversation as a NCAA men’s basketball Blue Blood.

Highline tennis team soars with flawless streak in conference play as Sophia Crosby and Denali Terry shine bright

Over spring break, the Highline tennis squad kept their rackets hot, notching three consecutive victories in conference matchups, solidifying their dominance on the court.

Adding to their impressive run, the team embarked on a crossover event in Sacramento, California, where they showcased their skills against junior colleges from across the region on March 21st, 22nd, and 24th.

Softball bows out of the 2024 season for an official rebuild

The Highline softball team has had to end their season premature of their season’s commitments this spring. The team has been forced to withdraw from participating in the NWAC softball season.

The most notable reason was the concern that there were players who decided to withdraw from the team as the season had already begun.

The withdrawal from participating was due to reasons that have not been disclosed on the part of the players. The difficulty in reaching a mutual agreement between players and the management to find a solution that could have saved the season led to the season being canceled altogether.

Thunderbird tennis triumphs in home opener

In a resounding victory, the Highline College women’s tennis team dominated their home opener against Bellevue College, securing a 7-0 win.

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, Sophia Crosby, a freshman hailing from Grantsville, Utah, shared her insights on the thrilling match and her experiences as a newcomer to the Thunderbirds. In an exclusive interview with the Thunderword, Crosby expressed her exhilaration at donning the Thunderbirds jersey for the first time on home turf.

Softball season kicks off

Softball season is finally back for Highline supporters who have waited patiently. There are new faces on the team who are ready and excited to tackle the new challenges that come with this season’s schedule. 

The team seems to have a good mix of fresh new faces and the more experienced players of the team. The roster currently hosts 11 players, with eight of them being freshmen and the other three sophomores.

Highline tennis team returns to pick up where it left off last season

In the realm of women’s tennis at Highline College, the past season went well enough, despite a challenging schedule. The team carved out moments of success, finishing with a 4-10 overall record and an admirable 4-2 record in conference play. Their journey culminated in a memorable run to the championship finals, a testament to their unwavering spirit on the court.

As the new season dawns, the Highline women’s tennis team stands at the precipice of opportunity, ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

Men's basketball concludes season with determined effort

In their final game of the season, the Thunderbird’s basketball team displayed tenacity and commitment on the court, despite facing a formidable opponent. Highline College went head-to-head against Grays Harbor Community College in a closely contested, but ultimately unvictorious, matchup.

The game unfolded in two intense periods, with both teams trading baskets and demonstrating their competitive spirit. In the first period, Grays Harbor College took a narrow lead, finishing with a score of 37 to 34 against Highline College. Highline fought back in the second period, but were still edged out with a score of 49 to 44.

Highline men’s basketball shoot 1-1 on the court

In the fight for glory at the Thunderdome, the Highline’s men’s basketball team split a pair of matches this past week. First, the Thunderbirds fell by the narrowest of margins to the Tacoma Titans, then they went on to best the Lower Columbia Red Devils.

On Feb. 21, the Thunderbirds faced off against Tacoma Community College in a game that kept spectators enthralled until the final buzzer. Despite a valiant effort, the Thunderbirds fell short by a single point, with the Titans sawing out a narrow victory with a final score of 81-80.

Led by standout performances from players like Amari Jackson and Nick Robertson, the Thunderbirds showcased their resilience and never-say-die attitude throughout the game.

Highline women's basketball team finishes its season without shame or glory

With just three victories in 20 games during the season, the women’s basketball team concludes their regular season without doing well enough to make the playoffs.

The Highline women’s basketball team faced a challenging season, marked by both struggles and moments of brilliance. Despite their efforts, they fell short of securing a playoff berth, ending the season with a record that reflects both determination and setbacks.

In their final game against Lower Columbia, the Thunderbirds faced a formidable opponent on the road. Despite the team’s best efforts, they were unable to overcome Lower Columbia’s dominance, ultimately falling short with a final score of 85-38.

Thunderbirds secure wins in thrilling encounters against Centralia and South Puget Sound

The Highline College men’s basketball team brought thunderous victories in their recent back-to-back games, besting teams from Centralia and South Puget Sound this previous week.

The matches put the player’s talents on display as they showcased not only individual prowess but also the power of collective effort and teamwork.

On Feb. 14, the Thunderbirds clashed against Centralia College in a riveting showdown at the Thunderdome. The game witnessed a seesaw battle, with Highline edging out Centralia in both halves. The final score of 83-73 in favor of Highline underscored the team’s perseverance and strategic gameplay.

The women's basketball team does not qualify for the playoffs, will end its season Saturday

Almost at the conclusion of the women’s basketball season, the Thunderbirds faced a strikeout series of games against Green River, Centralia, and South Puget Sound. All three matches were played at home, and all three matches ended with the Thunderbirds trailing.

To recap, in the game against Green River, which was lost 63-46, one of the leaders of the scoreboards and one of the most outstanding players Anaia Lewis compiled 17 points for Highline. On the other side, Emily Williams was the most complete player with 18 points for Green River.

In the following game against Centralia, players like Rahi-Mya Sumler and Sarah Gatluak fought hard, each contributing 16 points. Still, Centralia’s offense proved too strong, ending the game with a 60-48 loss for Highline.

Chiefs win second consecutive Super Bowl

At Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, one of the most exciting and unique NFL championship games unfolded in front of fans, celebrities (yes, Taylor Swift was there), and a record-breaking number of viewers.

On sports biggest stage, the Kanas City Chiefs went on to defeat the San Fransisco 49ers 25-22 in an overtime brawl, securing their second consecutive title. Since its inception, 58 Super Bowls have been played but only two have progressed to overtime, including Sunday’s battle between the Chiefs and 49ers.

Men’s basketball secures a win against Pierce

It was a great start to the week for the Thunderbirds men’s basketball team, who took on Pierce College at home, and came out with a big win. When the clock struck zero the final scoreboard read 73-67. 

The Feb. 7 match saw the Thunderbirds take the lead in the first half 39-29. And while the second half was a super close matchup which ended with Pierce beating Highline on a narrow 38-34 lead, the differential was too much for the Raiders to overcome. Ultimately, the Highline men won the day. 

Highline men's basketball team secures impressive victory against Grays Harbor

In a thrilling matchup at the Thunderdome, the Highline College men’s basketball team showcased its talents, securing a remarkable victory against Grays Harbor College. The game, which captivated fans with its intensity and drama, culminated in a triumphant win for the home team – highlighting the players’ determination and skill on the court.

As the game unfolded it was evident that each team was set on fiercely competing for dominance. The Thunderbirds demonstrated their prowess early on, claiming a commanding lead of 43-28 at the end of the first half.

Highline looks to rebound after tough loss to Lower Columbia, leader in the group

The women’s basketball team was back in action this past Saturday against Lower Columbia, the leader in the standings. Even though the Thunderbirds gave it their all, they were defeated 102-41.

During their Jan. 27 match, the meeting between Lower Columbia and Highline took place at Lower Columbia College in an away game. With an effective performance, the Titans demonstrated their superiority, and Highline was forced to recover and plan for their next battle.

Women’s basketball defeats Tacoma in best game of season

With an impressive performance against the Tacoma Titans, the Highline women’s basketball team prevailed 84-69, capping a season marked by more lows than peaks. The Thunderbirds, who are currently 2-14 on the season with a 1-4 conference record, saw a welcome uptick in performance after the victory.

Freshmen Thunderbirds Anaiya Lewis and Rahi-Mya Sumler demonstrated their scoring prowess before the game against Tacoma, averaging 9.2 and 8.2 points per game, respectively. Nevertheless, they outperformed everyone in the Tacoma game. Sumler showed off her dynamic abilities with 24 points, 5 rebounds, and an amazing 5 steals, while Lewis led the way with an incredible 29 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Highline men's basketball battles through tough times

In the heart of competition, the Highline men’s basketball team faces trials and triumphs, embodying resilience and determination on the court. The Thunderbirds showcase their unwavering commitment to excellence, striving for success with each game they play.

Following recent matchups against Tacoma Community College and Lower Columbia College, the Thunderbirds reflect on their performances and prepare for the battles ahead. In an exclusive video interview conducted by James Guzman, Highline Men’s Basketball head coach, Coach Dawson, provides insight into the team’s journey and their aspirations for the postseason.

"Spirit of the Game" is at the heart of beach ultimate Frisbee

On Saturday, Jan. 13 the beaches of Santa Monica exploded with Frisbees being thrown, spirit abounding, and players dressing up in different costumes to represent their team. This was not some kind of alien beach party invasion, it was beach ultimate Frisbee.

For the uninitiated, ultimate Frisbee is a sport where players receive a Frisbee off an initial throw (or pull) from the other team, and then work the Frisbee up-field by throwing the disk to their teammates.

Those teammates are then tasked with catching the Frisbee, stopping, then throwing the Frisbee to other teammates until someone catches it in the end zone to score. If the Frisbee touches a single grain of sand or blade of grass it is a turnover, and the other team gets a chance to do the same towards their goal.

The Highline women’s basketball team hasn’t found its rhythm this season  

After just one victory and 14 losses in the regular season, the Highline women’s basketball team faces an arduous season that makes postseason dreams a distant memory.

The club has been plagued by injuries, which have interfered with player rotations and challenged the coach’s strategic acumen. The Thunderbirds’ already difficult ascent has been made more difficult by the declining player numbers, which are the result of serious injuries.

Thunderbird men's basketball faces challenges with grit and determination

The Highline college basketball team faced a challenging couple of games recently, displaying both resilience and skill on the court. On January 17, 2024, the Thunderbirds went head-to-head with Centralia College at Centralia. The game started with Centralia taking the lead in the first quarter with a score of 46-29. However, Highline College fought back in the second quarter, narrowing the gap to 41-37. The third quarter saw a remarkable turnaround, with Highline College outscoring Centralia and securing the win with a final score of 83-70.

The Thunderbirds’ starting lineup showcased impressive performances, with standout player Nick Robertson delivering an outstanding performance of 25 points and 16 rebounds. Robertson’s contribution was a key factor in Highline College’s victory, highlighting his skill and determination on the court. Other notable players in the starting lineup included Rylon Donovan, Keaine Silimon, Bradley Graham, and Isaiah Vargas, each making valuable contributions to the team’s success.

Men’s basketball drops one and bests number two (in the west conference)

Over the past week, the Thunderbirds men’s basketball team split a set of matches, highlighted by bringing home a win against the number two ranked team in the west conference.

The victory came by besting the Green River Gators, with very little margin for error, 74-72. And in a nail-biting showdown at Pierce College, the Highline Thunderbirds took the court with determination, but ultimately fell to the tough competition, 93-85.

Highline women's basketball tackles road tests

The recent away games for the Highline College women’s basketball team posed challenges against Pierce College and Green River College. Although the results may not have been in their favor, the individual performances on the court highlighted the team’s adaptability.

In the matchup against Pierce College on Jan. 10, Highline faced a tough battle, ending with a 71-50 loss.