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Arcturus literary magazine shines again this spring

Faith Chao Staff Reporter May 27, 2021

Highline’s literary journal Arcturus will be hosting a launch party for the 2021 edition. 

The online Zoom party will be held on June 10 from 3-4 p.m. for anyone to join. Attendees will be given a free copy from the limited supply of Arcturus 2021.  

“Attendees are encouraged to dress up in a costume, hat, or mask,” said Jenn Ngeth, an editor for Arcturus.  Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own snacks to enjoy. 

Arcturus, which has a student-led editorial team, has been running for 53 years now.

The literary journal is a collection of submitted works from Highline’s community––students, faculty, staff, and alumni––that is published and curated to create Arcturus.  

During the launch party attendees can expect to see a virtual art gallery composed of the art pieces that will be in Arcturus 2021. 

In addition, there will be “readings from multiple authors that have been published in Arcturus, past and present Arcturus editors, and artists’ comments to discuss their art pieces,” Ngeth said. 

The launch party is a “celebration of Highline’s community.” Ngeth said. The launch party will be “showcasing a snippet of many hidden talents, a space to have the creative and diverse voices heard and seen.”   

Attendees can look forward to this event because “You’ll be able to see the authors behind Arcturus 2021 come to life as they read their pieces, have a deeper understanding of the artists’ artworks, and have an excuse to dress out of the ordinary,” Ngeth said. 

The editors, authors, and artists are all ecstatic for the launch party, Ngeth said.

“We’ve been working on this year’s edition since Winter Quarter –– a collective of hard work, sleepless nights, and collaborative efforts to show our vision for the 2021 edition,” Ngeth said. 

The Arcturus editors are happy and overjoyed to unveil Arcturus 2021 to Highline’s community, Ngeth said. “It’s kind of like a dream I’m unsure is real or a fantasy.”

As a message to the attendees, Ngeth said, “We hope the launch party brings joy and inspiration to those who join us. It’s a moment of celebration and a platform for Highline’s diverse voices to be expressed creatively.” 

“We want to show the importance of having a creative outlet––a realm where you can unleash your innermost, vulnerable thoughts––wishing this event encourages others,” Ngeth said.

To access the Zoom meeting, use this link

 Or enter the Zoom Meeting ID: 822 8681 8161

The Passcode: 218048