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Highline community looks back on pandemic one year later

When shutdowns began last March and schools across the country pivoted to remote learning, Highline’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Emily Lardner didn’t imagine the pandemic would still be around a year later.

“I never expected that,” she said. “I heard people say it could take this long and I just discounted that.”

She wasn’t alone. Many others have said they also thought the pandemic would only last a few weeks or months. But maybe that was good, she said.

Pandemic feels like the end of education

The pandemic took the entire country by storm, and while schools and colleges were quick to reopen online, many of us don’t really feel like we’re back in class.

Don’t get me wrong, the massive workload does bring back a sense of normalcy, but I miss awkward eye contact in the library, having to walk too far too early in the morning, and hanging out in the Student Union.

Retail mall workers face challenges amid the pandemic

Local retail workers say the pandemic has changed the way they work.

Some stores were shut down while others remained open at local malls.

“Whenever the mall says we’re open, we will be open.” said Olivia Edwards, from Earthbound at Southcenter. “Unless there is like inclement weather.”