New housing nears opening

By Peter Brooks - Staff Reporter

Highline's new dormitory aims to be an affordable alter- native to other housing oppor- tunities in the area.

The building is scheduled to open by late October, but was scheduled to be done before Fall Quarter began. The reason for the delay was due to a strike which halted construction for a few weeks. Construction has re- cently accelerated and the proj- ect should be finished in two weeks.

Cris Taylor Tonasket, student housing and residential manag- er at Highline, is in charge.

"I'm excited to be leading the project. It's important that stu- dents know how much better and more affordable it is," said Tonasket.

Leases can be attained for one quarter or the full academ- ic year, with the full year lease being $200 cheaper than leasing for three individual quarters.

For individual quarter leas- es, rates are $2,500 per student for four-bedroom units, and $2,700 per student for two-bed- room units. Payment is due by the day of moving in.

"After doing the math, the cost is comparable to around $800 a month," said Tonasket. "It's super affordable and higher quality than the competition."

Each unit includes several bed- rooms, allowing students to have their own private space. Between 44 total units, 36 are four-bed- room units and 18 are two-bed- room units. Each unit also has a shared kitchen complete with a dishwasher, stove, oven, refriger- ator, and microwave.

Bathrooms will be shared with at least one other student, and a second half-bathroom is in each unit. Laundry facilities are also included on each floor, along with mailbox and pack- age pickup areas.

The building also contains a community room in the cen- ter of each floor, as well as on the rooftop. Each community area is expected to have its own theme such as movies, studying, or gaming.

Students can also submit a form for roommate preferences including their names for spe- cific people, or a matching sys- tem based on habits.
For example, students can

mark that they drink or don't, or even can't; if they stay up late; where they prefer to study; how quiet or loud they are, and other factors.

Campus View at Highline Place does not allow drugs or alcohol on the premises, and smoking tobacco must be done at least 25 feet away from doors or windows. Marijuana use is strictly prohibited and will re- sult in the loss of your lease without second chances.

Safety is also a major con- cern, so the main door and ele- vators will be operated by cards given to residents, Tonasket said.

In order for your applica- tion to be considered complete, Campus View at Highline Place must receive a completed and signed Student Housing Ap- plication, and completed and signed Credit Card Payment Authorization Form. These would be submitted to the In- ternational Student Programs Office in person or by email to

Students must also be reg- istered for a minimum of 10 credits if domestic, or 12 credits if they are an international stu- dent.

For more information, con- tact Tonasket at housing@stu-


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