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New student president promises to listen

Jessica Cuevas Staff Reporter May 26, 2022

Nestor Reyes-Garcia said he wants every student’s voice to be recognized and wants them to know that the student government is here for them. 

Garcia was recently elected as next year’s president of the Associated Students of Highline College. 

Garcia grew up in Beacon Hill, Seattle for the majority of his life. 

“I was born in Mexico,” he said. “Within less than a year our family relocated to Seattle, where I’ve never left. I think I’ve lived in Seattle for so long I’d say I’m from the city.” 

Garcia went to Kent-Meridian High School before coming to Highline.

Nestor Reyes-Garcia

“While it has been some years since I’ve graduated, however, I’m very happy to continue my education not very far from Kent-Meridian,” Garcia said. “Currently I’m getting my two-year degree associate in business with a focus on accounting. Afterwards, I plan on transferring to a four-year university.”

Before getting elected, Garcia was already active in student government at Highline. 

“Previous achievements have included participating in the Services & Activities Budget Committee, which allowed me to see the full operating clubs of the campus and the dependency of the students the campus relies on,” he said. 

Garcia said he struggled with balancing his involvement in school and his own life. 

“Some of the challenges I have faced with school, candidacy, and in my personal life are the amount of hours in a day. Personally, I don’t feel there is ever enough time to allow oneself to get all errands or homework done in a certain time frame,” he said. 

But even with those challenges, Garcia said he was able to develop many skills throughout the process.

“Of course, all of these challenges have taught me time management, and setting my priorities, will help my overall organization and success for the future,” he said. 

Garcia said he wanted to become student president because he believed Highline students’ thoughts should be heard. 

“The decision to become student president comes from wanting to be the voice of the community of Highline,” Garcia said. “Working on the Services & Activities Budget Committee, I’ve learned the campus truly revolves around the student voices, and to have the chance to represent the community of students will allow further growth of the campus and other future leaders.”

Looking toward next school year, Garcia said he already has ideas in mind to make Highline a better school. 

“Next year, I want to achieve the involvement of the student body with the amazing clubs, programs, and resources Highline has to offer for one’s successful future,” he said. 

He said he also wants Highline students to know that the student government has open ears and will be supportive of what they have to say.

“The student government is here for you, and we will voice your opinion,” Garcia said. “I encourage first-year students to get involved with the campus and its programs to continue making our campus the amazing community it is today.”