The Student Newspaper of Highline College

Tyler Ing-Pich

Highline accounting student looks back on all he’s learned

By Samuel Watson and T. Walker Staff Reporters Jun 09, 2021

Highline helped Tyler Ing-Pich find his voice. 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people apart, he said he’s managed to grow close to those around him, all while learning more about himself and the person who he wants to be.

“Throughout my two years as a Highline student, I have been able to meet and connect with peers, professors, and counselors who have undoubtedly helped me grow significantly as an individual,” said Ing-Pich. “The interpersonal relationships that I have built with classmates and faculty contributed to me feeling a sense of belonging and acceptance to not only the institution itself, but also the Highline community as a whole.”

Ing-Pich, who is 18, has lived in Washington his whole life. He said that he’s learned that to succeed, you must find a balance between school and the rest of your life.

“Balance is key,” said Ing-Pich. “While learning and studying for good grades is essential, allowing yourself to get to know others and becoming involved within your community through clubs or events can be just as vitally important.

On top of being a full-time student, he also works two jobs, one at Highline and one with the Federal Way School District. At Highline, he tutors students in the Public Speaking Center (PSC), which he said has been immensely rewarding.

“Working with students has proven to be one of the most enriching, meaningful experiences that I have gained at Highline,” said Ing-Pich. “Through my experience as a tutor, I realized the importance of being patient and understanding, recognizing cultural differences and diverse backgrounds, and adapting to various learning styles. Being able to help students grow immensely in their communication skills and see them thrive in their classes has been an amazing opportunity.”

And his work has caught the attention of his supervisor, Lisa Voso, who is also an adjunct professor with Highline’s Communications Department.

“He is a top-tier student and a top-notch public speaking tutor,” she said. “He goes above and beyond when helping students, and he goes above and beyond when professors ask for help. Even if his shift is done, he’ll check the PSC email again just to make sure that no student communications were missed.”

Voso said she’s glad to have had the chance to work with Ing-Pich.

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be both his public speaking professor and now his supervisor,” she said. “He is a joy to work with and contributes to our Highline community every day, and I know he is going to do even more great things in the future.”

In addition to helping members of the Highline community, Ing-Pich has also worked as an information technology intern with Federal Way Public Schools for over two years.  

“I’m proud of my experiences from this job because I have been able to repair essential educational classroom technology and provide support to teachers, staff members, and students across the entire school district,” he said. “As a key member in assisting with remote and onsite services throughout 38 buildings in the district, I have had the pleasure of ensuring that all K-12 students have readily available support systems for continued learning.”

Ing-Pich has been able to attend Highline because of Running Start, a dual-credit program which allows students who are in their last two years of high school to take certain college classes for free.

“I was compelled to Running Start because of all the benefits that accompanied the program,” he said. “Not only would I be able to earn transferable college credits, but I would also be able to gain valuable experiences and knowledge that would prepare me for future higher education plans.”

While he’s had many positive experiences at Highline over the last two years, it hasn’t all gone smoothly. 

“Procrastination was a challenge that I constantly faced as a student,” said Ing-Pich. “I would often work on assignments at the last minute and barely have enough time to complete and turn them in. Establishing a solid schedule and managing my time well are two things that help me in overcoming this challenge.”

He also didn’t know right away what he wanted to do after graduation.

“With the help of multiple Highline counselors, I was able to realize what I was really interested in and recognize my primary career aspirations,” Ing-Pich said. 

This month, he’ll graduate with a general AA degree with an emphasis in accounting from Highline, while also earning his high school diploma. From there, he plans to major in business administration with a specialization in information systems at the University of Washington, specifically in the Foster School of Business.

“I am tremendously excited for this next period of my life and career because I will be able to study what I am most passionate about — technology and its integration in business,” Ing-Pich said.