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Highline will soon return to in-person classes

Isabella Anderson Staff Reporter May 12, 2021

Starting Fall Quarter 2021, Highline will see the partial return of students to in-person classrooms.

A plan to slowly re-integrate students, staff and faculty is in effect.

 With vaccinations continuing to pump out and cases drop, classroom capacities will be decided as the return plan unfolds, said Danielle Slota, director for the office of the college president. 

“Approximately 25 percent of our courses are scheduled to return with an in-person component in Fall Quarter,” Slota said. “Classroom capacity is being evaluated on a case by case basis, based upon current CDC and DOH guidelines, to assure that the number of individuals in a classroom meets the current safety guidelines.”

However, not all classes will go back to in-person. 

“Students will see a variety of class modalities offered in the course catalog for Fall Quarter, including a mix of virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid options,” Slota said. 

With future openings in Washington still being undecided though, Highline has phased steps planned out, Slota said. 

“Like many institutions, Highline College continues to look at our return to campus as a phased approach, with our top priorities being the education, safety, and wellness of our community at large,” she said. “This includes adhering to current safety guidelines, while continuing to offer our students the services they need through the modalities they need them.”

So as cases continue to go down, more and more students can come back to campus. 

“As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to decline, the number of courses we offer with in-person instruction on campus will continue to increase,” Slota said. “If the community continues to be diligent with hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing, and vaccinations, we are hopeful we will reach our new normal by Spring Quarter of next year.”

If students have any further questions regarding the return to campus, they can email them at

“The Highline College community — our students, faculty, and staff, continue to demonstrate tenacity and strength through very challenging times.  We are committed to the health and safety of our students and community at large,” Slota said. “ We are very much looking forward to welcoming more students on campus in Fall Quarter.”