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Spots open up for students wanting leadership roles at Highline

Isabella Anderson Staff Reporter Apr 15, 2021

For those interested in getting involved in Student Government and leadership at Highline, many positions are open and hiring. 

“We are hiring up to 30 student employees to fill a variety of positions, from program planning to front desk and budget administration,” said Thomas Bui, director of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS). “All our positions support students’ growth in leadership and social justice.”

These roles are in areas surrounding clubs, international students, and the Inter-Cultural Center through CLS and the Center for Cultural and Inclusive Excellence (CCIE). 

“Between our two departments we have teams that support our clubs program, Student Government, Inter-Cultural Center programming, mentorship and service, international student programming, marketing and design, and budgets,” Bui said. 

And these jobs give students the opportunities to grow in areas such as leadership, work experience, and give them the chance to better get involved in the local communities, he said. 

“Student leaders have the opportunity to engage in community at Highline while continuing to explore their own self and personal identity,” Bui said. “Students who apply and work for our offices can expect to participate [and] plan programming, work in a team setting, develop work professionalism, and contribute to a larger campus community.”

“Our mission is to develop leaders, build global communities, and create social change [that is] centered in the programming we provide and the way we support students who engage with our department,” he said. 

For a student to work for the college, they need to be taking at least six credits through Highline, and maintain a GPA or 2.5 or higher. 

Other advantages to becoming a student leader at Highline, include “work schedule flexibility around class schedule, professional development, support and supervision from a professional staff member within our offices, a manageable workload [approximately 15 hours a week], and an opportunity to engage and learn about all the available resources available,” Bui said. 

For students interested in pursuing a position within CLS or CCIE, contact Geomarc Panelo at