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Students get ready for online finals

By Elba Quijano and Parmpreet Bhatti Staff Reporters Dec 10, 2020

Highline students have a variety of methods to study for finals, from reviewing notes to having specific study schedules.

Finals at Highline will be Dec. 14 to Dec. 18. With the pandemic restrictions still in place, most finals will be online.

There are several ways for students to prepare for finals.

“To prepare for finals I am fixing my notes and studying worksheets,” said Marissah Banuelos, a student at highline.

“I prepare by staying calm and taking deep breaths,” said Trisity Marshall. “I plan out which classes I am going to study the most. The class I’m the strongest in, is probably the class I am going to spend less time studying in compared to the class I’m not as strong in.”

Something recommended to student when it comes to studying for finals is to set a time for each class, said Hara Brook, Highline reference librarian. In that time, students should review instructions from all professors, setting a studying schedule for each class alone or with classmates and annotating when the deadline is for each assignment

“Check classes for announcements daily. Breaking things into smaller chunks to work on kept me from getting information overload. My brain needed time to process what I studied, even though this wasn’t the first time I’d studied the material,” Brook said.

Getting 20-30 minutes of exercise, eating well, and drinking lots of water can be a way of self-care during finals week, Brook said, meditating and setting an intention for the day is a way student can motivate themselves for finals.

Finding motivation for finals can be easy for some, but can also be the most difficult time for other students.

“The way I motivate myself to study is by telling myself that me doing studying won’t last forever and I will be done with it soon,” said Guadalupe Aguiniga, a Highline student. “I also put my phone and laptop on do not disturb.”

“I turn my phone off, set it to the side and go over my goals for the year because I want to be someone,” said Alma Torres, a student at Highline.

What works well for some students, might not work for others. There are different ways to study efficiently that suits each student.

 “I needed to be somewhere quiet and uncluttered to study (this was before computers). What worked well for me was to mix it up — read, write notes, teach it to someone or say it out loud, repeat. Practice answering questions from the homework,” Brook said.

Working on homework daily helped a lot, said Brook, such as studying on each subject each day until the final exam, or working on a paper or project daily, helped schedule everything out perfectly.

Despite being stressed, students can still find a way to reward themselves during finals week.

“I put my phone away when I study. When I get done studying, my reward is getting to use it,” Marshall said.

Having small self-reward leading up to finals day can help, Aguinga said, such as having a snack break or a coffee break, and leaving bigger rewards until after finals.

“If I do well, I give myself time to have fun and rest. Like going to play video games or watch Netflix for an hour,” said Banuelos.

Studying schedules can look different for each student.

“I try to set a schedule where I can review all my notes for finals,” Torres said.

 “I start with the class I have most trouble with and work my way down,” Marshall said,

“I stay up studying a little bit more longer than usual just because I do stress a little when it comes to trying to remember certain material I will go over it until I feel like I have some kind of sense of understanding,” said Aguinga.

From little experience to a lot of experience, students give tips on how they succeed during finals week.

Saying words of affirmations and trying your best, said Marshall, as well as reminding yourself to breathe, helps her prepare.

“Wake up, think of the perfect future you want and tell yourself that this final will count as a step closer into that reality,” said Aguinga.

Whatever their tactics for finals, students don’t expect much different this time around.

“The only difference I see in finals this quarter is mine are going to be on canvas and I am going to have a certain time to complete it,” said Myla Myers.

Myers said her professors are doing a pretty good job at explaining the finals and what’s going to be on them because they know since we are learning online it can be more difficult.

“Finals are less stressful this quarter due to flexible time in between assignments and enough time to study as well,” said Jasleen Gill. She said she is preparing to study for them by reviewing her study guides every week.

Gill said she loves how she can work from home and not take up so much time just going to school.

“My professors are doing a great job helping us prepare and giving extra zoom time if any extra questions need to be answered,” said Gill.

Meanwhile, Gurman Brar said he does not like how finals are going to be set up for him. “The professor wants me to take the final on zoom with them watching me, which is a lot of pressure,” Brar said.

He said he would rather just take the final in person than have the professor watching him through a screen. Brar says they are helping him well prepare for the final though.