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Highline to remain online for Spring Quarter

Parmpreet Bhatti Staff Reporter Dec 10, 2020

Due to the rise of cases in the virus COVID-19, Spring Quarter at Highline will continue to be online.

Dating back to last spring, this will be the fifth straight quarter Highline has offered most of its classes online. Highline President Dr. John Mosby announced the decision recently.

More online learning has some students stressed out and some students actually happier.

“I personally don’t like having to learn online,” Nick Singh said. Singh said he can’t focus through his laptop and gets easily distracted.

He said he also hates how he can’t socialize in person with any of his friends or teachers.

“This was my last year of high school, so I was hoping for at least one quarter to be in person,” said Singh.

Singh said he thinks that high school seniors won’t get a graduation either.

Other students are less concerned.

“Well, it doesn’t impact me any more than it already is now. I just miss leaving the house and seeing people,” said student Andrew Dibble said. He does not like having to see his friends through a screen instead of in person.

Dibble said it also hurts his interaction with teachers, especially with his science classes with no labs. Instead of doing the labs in person, he has to watch a video of someone else doing them which he said is no fun.

“I think it is not fair and we should all be in school by spring,” said Dibble.

Others say online learning poses some challenges.

“I feel like online classes are easier but at the same time I don’t think professors understand that we might not understand their lectures. Everyone learns differently and just talking for 45 minutes isn’t helping us learn,” said Angel Swamy.

Instead, she thinks it would be easier if professors would show students how to do things rather than letting them go figure it out on their own.

“I think it’s fair only because it’s safer for not only myself but for other students,” Swamy said. “But It can be challenging at times.”