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Dr. Koepping

Counseling Center offers help amid the pandemic

Elba Quijano Staff Reporter Nov 12, 2020

Highline’s Counseling Center is virtually supporting students who need counseling during COVID- 19.

The Counseling Center doesn’t just provide for people who are sad, depressed, or anxious, said  Dr. Gloria Koepping, one of the counselors. Available counselors also assist with career decision making, learning disabilities, academic probation and more.

Providing personal or educational counseling is what the Counseling Center is there for.

“When you have questions about a career choice, need support for your anxiety, depression, or past and current trauma, as well as need help with procrastination, study skills, and balancing home, work, life, we can assist you,” Dr. Koepping said

Counselors support students by approaching their concerns, Dr. Koepping said, taking in many factors that can contribute to the problem.

“We encourage students to identify their feelings, their options and opportunities, and assist them in choosing the best way forward for them.  We are not a one-size-fits-all center.  Each student may need something a bit different in order to do their very best,” Dr. Koepping said.

Although the Counseling Center may not be a good fit for each individual, the counselors can provide other resources in which the student feels more comfortable and and may be more beneficial for them.

Another way of looking at the problem you face is having a different perspective. It can be beneficial to students, Dr. Koepping said, which is why counseling is important.

Each student is different and could feel supported in different ways. You may not be able to get the most out of counseling at highline but it’s not the last stop for help.

 “Each student may need something a bit different in order to do their very best in school and life.  We can provide validation, resources both on and off campus, and our best choices for students to consider,” Dr. Koepping said.

Warning signs students face can look and feel different but there are always ways to know if you need to seek a counselor for anything in your life.

 “Not being able to get out of bed or do your homework, not making it to class, sleeping too much or not enough, feeling hopeless about the future, having thoughts that bother you, or thoughts of self-harm,” Dr. Koepping said.

Students concerns don’t have to be severe in order to seek out help, Koepping said, you can always talk to the counselors before you feel like it could get worse.

To contact Highline’s Counseling Center, visit or call 206-592-3353 to schedule an appointment.