The Student Newspaper of Highline College

Dr. John Mosby

Welcome to Fall Quarter

Dr. John Mosby Oct 15, 2020

Dear Highline College students, 

Welcome to the new academic year, Thunderbirds. I am delighted that you have chosen to begin or continue your education here at Highline during these most interesting of times. 

In addition to an excellent classroom learning experience, throughout the year, Highline will offer many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Even though we are operating in a virtual environment now, we continue to plan for and will deliver rich programming. Look for invitations to participate via email and social media. I encourage you to attend the various programs offered at Highline to enrich your learning experience. In addition, our support services are available to address any questions, concerns or needs you may have.

I am proud to say that Highline’s programs and events align with our mission and values of inclusion and equity across our communities. We are proud to be part of the fabric of our South King County community, home to a wide variety of languages, ethnicities, LGBTQIA+, nationalities-of-origin and faith traditions. We believe that diversity in all its forms is our region’s greatest asset.  

You can find our commitment to diversity is represented throughout the college, including in our Cultural Diversity Policy. Through this policy and our Student Conduct Code, Highline remains committed to offering all students a safe and welcoming environment. We encourage you to report any harassment, bullying or threats. This kind of behavior is not tolerated on Highline’s campus or in our classes, whether held online or in person. 

College, perhaps more than any other time in our life, is a time for learning and discovery, not only in those areas that draw our interest, but equally important, in those areas where we can learn new things. Get involved in the various club and program offerings at the college. So many opportunities exist here at Highline. I urge you to take advantage and explore all the campus has to offer.  

I hope to see you at the many Highline virtual events that will be held this year. And if you ever have any questions or want to contact me, please send me a message at – have a great quarter! 


John R. Mosby, Ph.D.