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Check it out: Library continues to help students despite pandemic

Elba Quijano Staff Reporter Oct 15, 2020

Highline’s library is trying to support students even while campus is closed due to the pandemic.

Library staff are working online, with a handful actually in the library to gather books requested by students. Students can request books through the library, then pick them up during the Information Technoloy Services equipment Drive through hours.

Reference librarian Jack Harton said he and other librarians attempt to support students by answering questions via e-mail and Zoom.

“What we prefer to do is work with the students individually when it’s good for them, or to meet with classes,” Harton said.

Librarians such as Harton also are available to teach entire classes about research via Zoom, he said.

Like most Highline staff and faculty, the librarians are working from home.

“We are not physically going into the library. We’re pretty much doing what everyone else is doing is that we are working virtually,” Harton said.

‘It’s forcing us to take what we did before and to transform it into new ways, but it’s also allowing us to create things that we hadn’t done before. It’s a time of adjustments and growth,” Harton said

The Highline library answers chat questions during virtual hours.  a 24/7 chat service with librarians around the world answer respond during Highline’s off hours for students who need help.

Although it’s not someone from the Highline Library, Harton said, they are still available to help.

They also are trying to anticipate what students might need. “We are seeing what kind of questions come in and we are preparing resources for that,” Harton said.

Harton says the most commonly asked question is where students get their textbooks from if not from the library. The places Harton refers students to get texts books from are Highline’s bookstore and the support center.

But the Library still has lots of information available on a variety of subjects.

“The electronic data bases we’ve got, then any student from anywhere in the world can log into that with their Highline username and password and get that information right away,” Harton said.

Like the rest of campus, the Library remains closed for the foreseeable future. But the online and virtual resources will remain available, Harton said.

To schedule an appointment with a librarian, please visit