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Welcome to Fall Quarter, Thunderbirds

By Jarmaine Santos, Hector Pina and Kayla Pezolano Special to the Thunderword Oct 08, 2020

The Associated Students of Highline College (ASHC) team is excited to welcome you all to Fall Quarter.

ASHC is the student government for Highline. We represent students’ interests and concerns to the college administration, faculty, staff, and greater community.

We know that online learning this quarter can be intimidating, scary, and a struggle, especially during these difficult times.  We understand balancing school and your mental health is hard when there is a lot on your plate.

With that in mind, ASHC is here to support you. At Highline, the community might look different, but it is certainly NOT canceled. Highline is committed to finding new and innovative ways for you to participate in campus activities, committees, clubs, and legislative decisions, because your engagement matters.

We are here to ensure you still have many opportunities to find your community. Our team wants to make sure Highline students have everything they need to be successful this year. Below are a few upcoming opportunities to engage at Highline.

Engagement opportunities: Follow the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on events and opportunities.

LGBTQIA Week Events: The Revolution is Queer: Are you ready? LGBTQIA Week 2020.

Oct. 12-15, Highline’s LGBTQIA community is hosting six educational and transformative programs that will explore, highlight, and celebrate the experiences and identities of LGBTQIA+ communities.

Disability Justice Week: Disability Is Us: What Does It Mean To Be Human? Disability Justice Week 2020.

Oct. 19 will be the first day of Disability Justice Week 2020. Learn more about what it means to be a human through CCIE’s four fun educational programs.

CONNECT Program: Thunderbird Thursdays. Take the opportunity to join our CONNECT program every first Thursday of the month to learn about leadership. CONNECT’s leadership workshops will help you explore what being a leader means for you and grow your skills.

Clubs and Organizations: Do you have an interest you want to explore and share with people at Highline? With your idea and four other students, you can make a club! Learn how here.

Check out the club directory to learn more about the current recognized clubs on campus.

Join SLAC: The Student Legislative Action Committee (SLAC) is a peer-driven task force that holds biweekly meetings to discuss student needs, legislative items on and off campus, and brings our voices to local legislators.

SLAC is a great opportunity to improve the Highline community and express how we feel by taking action. It is also an excellent way to build your resume if you are studying civics, political science,  community development, or if you just have an interest in making some change. For more details, email:, attention: Kayla Pezolano.

ASHC: Another great way to stay involved in the Highline community is by reaching out to ASHC.

This year, we are committed to sending out monthly newsletters to the student community updating the student body on opportunities to engage in community, resources, and college decisions.

Remember, community is notcanceled at Highline. The ASHC team is rooting for you this academic school year.

Jarmaine Santos is president of the Associated Students of Highline College. Hector Pina is vice president, and Kayla Pezolano is the speaker of the caucus.

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