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Computer system troubles, pandemic hurt Highline enrollment

Highline’s new ctcLink computer system and pandemic fatigue are to blame for lower enrollment in spring, college officials said this week.

Spring Quarter began Monday, April 5. Most classes remain online, where they’ve been for the past year, following Gov. Jay Inslee’s March 2020 announcement canceling in-person classes across the state.

Students try their best to register for spring quarter through new system

With technical difficulties and confusion surrounding the new ctcLink software system, Highline students are doing their best to register for Spring Quarter, with varying success.

This time last year, college officials were considering whether to halt in-person instruction ahead of Gov. Inslee’s announcement mandating school closures statewide.

Resources offered for students struggling with new registration system

Amid Highline’s recent transition to ctcLink, students are trying to familiarize themselves with the new registration process for Spring Quarter.

The official switch to the new system on Feb. 16 was fraught with confusion, with a few students not even aware of ctcLink until several weeks ago.

Highline scrambles to bring students up to speed on new computer system

Informing students about ctcLink amidst a pandemic has required Highline officials to get creative, as the date for the system to go live draws near.

CtcLink is a system that will replace several computer systems, affecting almost all remote learning aspects except Canvas and Outlook e-mail accounts. Staff and faculty have been training to use the system since summer.

ctcLink training becomes available as implementation date draws near

Students are expected to use ctcLink, Highline’s new admininstrative computer system, by the middle of February. But the training for the new program, which will cover everything from financial aid to registration, is currently unavailable to students.

Highline gets ready for all-new computer system

Highline is about to adopt a new software system that will change how students, faculty and staff do almost everything, from advising to registration.

The new system, called ctcLink, is planned to go into action on Feb. 8, 2021, and will be replacing many key online services with updated versions.