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Kwanzaa celebrates culture and community

Unlike most other winter holidays, Kwanzaa is a celebration of community and culture, not religion.

The holiday also hasn’t been around for nearly as long as many of the popular religious winter festivals. It’s a fairly recent arrival to the suite of winter holidays celebrated in the U.S.

Students have mixed experiences with local police

Jovan Cisse and his brother were walking home from school in Federal Way when their life was almost turned upside down.

Cisse and his brother were on their way home when a Federal Way police officer pulled over and prepared to cuff and arrest them.

Local police departments say they have been working to address national concerns over police discrimination.

Protests erupted across the country and worldwide last May after Minneapolis man George Floyd was killed in police custody.

Trustee Roegner found Highline to be a good fit

After years of serving at Highline, Board of Trustees member Bob Roegner is stepping down.

Roegner is leaving due to finishing out his two terms.

His seat has been passed on to the newest trustee, Joe Bowman.

New trustee extends himself towards Highline community

Newly appointed Board of Trustees member Joe Bowman says he is ready to extend himself to the Highline community and support students better.

Bowman’s appointment was announced Oct. 21, He replaces longtime trustee Bob Roegner, who is leaving the board after two terms.

Public Safety officers are still hard at work and patrolling Highline daily

Students and faculty may be confined to Zoom this quarter, but Highline’s Public Safety team has no plans to leave the campus behind.
Director of Public Safety David Menke and his team of officers aren’t going anywhere. Despite a closed down campus, he and his officers are still hard at work and patrolling Highline daily.