Welcome to the Space Jam Club

By Khalil Johnson - Staff Reporter

An ensemble of six will be singing seven stories from around the world today in Building 7.

The students in the chorale class have been preparing for this concert throughout the duration of Spring Quarter.

"The chorale class holds concerts at the end of each quarter excluding Summer Quarter. The theme changes every quarter based on the personnel in in the class and their respective singing experience," said Dr. Sandra Glover, instructor of the chorale class.

"During Spring Quarter we normally try to follow the theme of global diversity, so the musical selections that will be performed all exude a variety of different sounds," said Dr. Glover. "Over the course of the concert different selections will be performed all reflecting on various moods and emotions."

Some of the selections include a traditional Zulu folksong from Africa, a Japanese folksong medley, a traditional Hebrew song, a gospel song based on a Quaker text, and an upbeat Jamaican folksong that tells of a lost love.

"The students also play a role in selecting the songs and the decisions made regarding the songs are not arbitrary. The performance will travel from a more clamatorial sound into a soft and mystical setting foraging its way into a joyous ending," said Dr. Glover.

"One of the selections that we will be performing links two beautiful Japanese folksongs, forming a medley. Remtaro Taki wrote the words to accompany the haunting melody that the two songs already naturally formed together," she said. "Another class favorite is, the almost ironic, Jamaican folksong that we will sing. Normally a song about a lost love would be sad but this song is very upbeat and fun to perform."

"We look forward to the concert every quarter and hope people come to share in this experience with us," said Dr. Glover.

The two different performances will take place at both 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. and 7:30 – 8:15 p.m. in Building 7. Both will be free.

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