Smash Bros revamp and Fallout 76 crash

By Reuben Gonzales - Video Game Warriors

The Smash Brothers family is about to get a whole lot bigger this holiday season.

Super Smash Bros. first came on the scene in 1999 for the Nin- tendo 64. It was a new take on fighting games that showcased other Nintendo characters.

The game originally had eight playable fighters with four hid- den unlockable characters.

Nintendo didn't create new characters to play, but instead inserted their own famous char- acters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, and Pikachu.

The fighters had their own style and power moves, and the fighting stages were ripped straightfromNintendo'sgames. Playerscouldfighteachotherat onceinafour-playerbattleroyal.

The stages were littered with items to aid contestants. The an- imation was unique and made for some intense and funny mo- ments among friends.

Super Smash Bros. took the fighting-style games and spun it on its head.

Nintendo is once again about to shake things up with the next installment of the franchise.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

will feature up to 74 playable char- acters made up of 63 fighters from previous games, and 11 new ones.

The game features a multitude of maps and variants that give players more than 100 fighting stages to choose from. If you take

into account that each stage can be turned into large-scale Battle- field and Omega stages, then the count goes up to around 300.

These variants change the original map by either adding a few soft platforms and adding in a solar eclipse, or they become f lat and small for more close combat. Both come with differ- ent stage music.

There is all also a new fea- ture called Stage Morph, which has players select two different maps that interchange with each other during the fight. All the original game modes return, such as Classic and Spe- cial Smash, but Nintendo wasn't happy with just adding new fighters and stages.

The developers also added a few new game types. On top of the Classic, Mob Smash and Smash game types, there will be a Tourney mode, Special Smash, Squad Strike and Challenges.

Tourney Mode will see a 32-character bracket-style tour- nament to determine who is the ultimate smash bro. Squad strike isa3Vs.3or5Vs.5battlewhere players take on the opposing team one fighter at a time.

The Special Smash modes run players through the whole

roster, and each new round they must select a different character. This should be a great way to

sharpen your skills with a more versatile cast of fighters.

The game will feature a local multiplayer as well as a local wire- less feature allowing portable play with others on the go. There will also be Wi-Fi battles so players can compete for dominance over the Nintendo online network.

The story mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is called World of Light, which sees the entire roster consumed by light except for one lonely fighter Kirby.

Players will have to run around the map fighting the evil spirits of the other fighters to unlock them from their prisons.

Speaking of spirits, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will also add spirits of other well-known video game characterss giving fighters different move sets.

The fighters feel like com- pletely different characters and feel refreshed.

Nintendo is also going back to the goldmine that is Amiibo, the tiny little action figure that when put on to the Switch can unlock special items or outfits for characters.

Nintendo has already an- nounced they are working on releasing Amiibos for the characters that don't have one yet, so players can grow their collection and level up their Amiibo fighters. The new Amiibos will be released through the next year.

These aren't the only things Nintendo has in store for buyers. They will also be releasing two special edition controllers

for the Switch with the Super Smash Bros. emblem on them. The first is a classic GameCube controller, painted black with a white smash emblem on it for $30.

The other is a Nintendo Switch Pro controller black and white, with a gray smash emblem and a black Switch emblem, $75.

The big collector's dream comes from Walmart with the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Bundle, $540.

This comes with the game and a specialty painted Switch. The Switch joy-cons have the Smash Bros. emblem on them. The docks have some of the roster painted on them in grey.

Super Smash Bros. comes out Dec. 7 so get ready to lay down the smackdown.

Bethesda's latest game has a lot of Fallout

In early November Bethes- da released Fallout 76. From the start there was a typical issue with the game.

The issues ranged from play- ers' armor and power armor dis- appearing; their body becoming really distorted; or enemy mon- sters getting stuck on objects or disappearing but still being able to harm players.

Then there was the huge up- date day one. The file size was larger than the whole game download. This left fans with a bitter taste in their mouths, due to the game not performing the way Fallout 76 Director Todd Howard said it would during this year's E3 conference.

The developers have tried to fix the game and make things right but one of the biggest issues they are currently trying to fix is not in-game.

When we wrote on this game we talked about the Special Pow- er Armor Edition for $200. This came with a canvas bag and a wearable helmet.

When it came time to finally get the bag, Bethesda sent out a cheap nylon version without telling the fans why or even that it was going to happen. The fans were then told that they would receive a $5 compensation in the form of in-game currency.

They were told that the supplies for the bags were not enough and that was why the bags got changed.

After a few days went by, it leaked out that before the game launched, YouTube and Twitch streamers were given canvas bags for free.

This has caused a huge storm that Bethesda had no choice but to fix or be labeled one of those developers that don't care about their fan base.

Bethesda still has yet to re- lease their player count, but claim millions play the game daily and keep coming back. The game did, and still does, have bugs.

The one thing that sets Bethesda out from other devel- opers is that it's not just walking away, its actively trying to make their game better.

They put out a patch on Dec. 4 and there is another patch set for Dec. 11, but has the commu- nity already made their mind up on this game?

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