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Ongoing construction for the Federal Way Transit Project, with a completion date in 2026.

Get ready for the ride: Transit project in Federal Way set to complete in 2026

Benjamin Ryzhichenko Staff Reporter Feb 22, 2024

Get ready for an exciting change! The Federal Way Transit Project is on track to wrap up in 2026, and the community is ready for the future of local transportation.

The Federal Way Transit Project, scheduled for completion in 2026, is set to transform transportation in this region of Washington, according to Sound Transit. This significant upgrade aims to create a more connected transit network, providing residents with an efficient way to navigate their daily lives. 

Companies and workers are to this day busy building a station near Highline College which will gradually support the Highline community. While the journey toward completion may encounter some challenges during the planning and construction phases, the community’s hope remains steady.

Residents in Highline anticipate the positive impact the project will have on people’s future daily lives, offering not just a means of transportation but a transformative change in how they connect with their community, as the project progresses. 

One of our local students who has been at Highline for almost two quarters, Owen Forsman, stepped forward to share his perspective of the project. “I think the upcoming transit link is a great opportunity for the area,” said Forsman. “It will be a great tool to be used by everyone, whether it be people going to a Seahawks game or to work, it will decrease commute and lower the need for cars.”

Mark your calendars for 2026, the Federal Way Transit Project is not just a transit upgrade; it’s an accessible future for the community. 

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