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Anita Wambui

New student government member chosen after delayed elections

Jonah Mizrahi Staff Reporter Jun 09, 2021

The Associated Students of Highline College have elected a new vice president for the 2021-2022 academic year despite delays. 

Anita Wambui was the sole candidate in the special election held June 2 – 4. She will assume the role of ASHC vice president beginning next fall. 

Initially slated for early May, this year’s ASHC election was delayed to allow time for more candidates to apply. The new election was announced in an email sent to students May 27, to be held June 2 – 3 electronically. 

Wambui was the only student to make it on the ballot: No candidates opposed her for the vice presidential position, and no one filed for the position of ASHC president.

ASHC will hold another special election in Fall Quarter to fill the president position.  

Thomas Bui, director of the Center for Leadership and Service, announced the results of the special election June 7, to be ratified by the ASHC council the following day. 

“As we continue to engage remotely, we want to thank our community who engaged and participated in voting this year,” Bui said in the announcement. “At this time we would like to congratulate Anita Wambui, our 2021-2022 ASHC vice-president elect.”

Wambui received 41 of 41 votes cast via

In her application for the position, Wambui said she would work to encourage community involvement in Highline’s leadership. 

“To build community, I hope to lead by example,” Wambui said. “I also plan to be receptive and give voice to new ideas brought by the community members and continuously find creative ways to encourage them to participate in the school community.”

She said that being a student during the COVID-19 pandemic has taught her just how important community is. 

“I understand deeply the importance of community,” Wambui said. “With all the challenges that the pandemic has come with, many students, including me, desire more interaction and a strong support system.” 

In response to questions collected from students by ASHC in early May, Wambui said she plans to work to facilitate student and community input in her role as vice president. 

“To ensure that student needs are better met, I plan to create opportunities and spaces where students and staff can develop a relationship by mutual sharing of personal experiences,” she said. 

To garner input from the community, Wambui said she would advocate for the creation of various forums for students, faculty, and staff to share their ideas and concerns. 

She promised to utilize and listen to those community members’ voices. 

“I also plan to be receptive and give voice to new ideas brought by the community members and continuously find innovative ways to encourage them to participate in the school community,” Wambui said. “Community building should be user-generated, in that, the ideas on how should come from members of the community.”