The Student Newspaper of Highline College

Students say they’re ready for another online quarter

by T. Walker Staff Reporter Apr 08, 2021

Students say the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is making college more of a challenge than usual.  But they are pushing ahead anyway. 

Highline student Emma McLaughlin said it is harder “staying motivated and wanting to do the work since summer is right around the corner.”

“I am expecting it to be hard,” she said, “but I know I will at least pass.”

Another student said he’s gotten used to online learning, but now worries about returning to live classes down the road. 

“I feel good,” said Jason Pham. “Since this is our one-year anniversary of doing online school, it feels normal. I am feeling a tad bit nervous due to taking some difficult classes this quarter.”

Students said they have found ways to cope with the online/virtual environment. 

“Doing my work late at night seems to work the best for me,” McLaughlin said.

Pham said that allowing himself to take breaks and pace himself when doing work helped him in the past.

“Taking advantage of everything possible for success,” he added.

Pham advised new students to not worry too much. 

“There’s nothing to be nervous about. There are good instructors, bad instructors,” he said. “Easy classes, hard classes. Just remember to ask for help when needed and use the resources highline provides to you. Also rate my professor…use that.”