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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Women’s golf season stopped by coronavirus concerns, but players won’t lose eligibility.

Highline's Shylee McConnel says she is glad to hear she can have another year of eligibility after this year's NWAC golf season was canceled.
Photo by Highline Athletics

Emmitt SevoresStaff Reporter April 16

NWAC spring sports have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including women’s golf.

Steve Turcotte, head coach for the Highline women's golf team, said “It's disappointing because the kids don't have a chance to show their improvement.”

Sophomore golfer Shylee McConnel also shared her disappointment.

“We had a lot of cool trips planned for the season. It sucks because the spring season is more fun because of the better weather,” McConnel said.

The good news out of the season being cancelled is that all spring sport athletes will not be charged a year of eligibility, the NWAC announced in a statement on Monday.

“All collegiate conferences (NWAC, CCCAA, NJCAA, NCAA, and NAIA) are honoring the spring 2020 sport seasons the same by not charging spring sport student-athletes with a season of participation,” according to a statement on the NWAC website.

“Many factors played a role in making this decision,” said NWAC Executive Director Marco Azurdia, “but the one item that stood out was we wanted to try to do what was in the best interests of student-athletes.

“In light of the unpredictability of the COVID-19 and the issues it has caused, [the] NWAC 100 percent stands by its decision to not charge a year of eligibility to spring sport student-athletes who were eligible to participate,” Azurdia said.

Highline spring athletes appreciated the news.

“All the girls were excited to hear that they wouldn't lose a year of eligibility,” Turcotte said.

McConnel said that she hasn't “officially committed” to returning to Highline but it is the “most likely” option.

She said that if she comes back she is going to put in more effort.

“I’m gonna give it my best while I can,” McConnel said.

The hopes are that the coronavirus won't postpone the fall season.

“Hopefully when fall rolls around they are hungry to see improvement,” Turcotte said.

He said they already have two more recruits for next year and are still looking for one more player for the fall season.