Highline College

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Highline honors students for excellent in and out of the classroom

Ashlee Stacy Staff Reporter May 27

Highline honored 53 students at this year’s Legacy Awards, where students were recognized for their hard work in and out of the classroom.

Legacy awards represent recognition to students who’ve made a legacy as scholars and leaders in the Highline community, the ceremony held live through Zoom.

These awards are organized by category, first with scholar awards, then leadership awards, and finally the Community Leadership Consultants (CLS) and Center for Cultural and Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) student of the year and student employee of the year.

Dr. John Mosby is the president of Highline, he said, “These are exceptional students who have contributed greatly in the classroom and outside the classroom, on campus, in committees, groups, and organizations.”

Grayce Ross is the community leadership consultant budget coordinator at Highline and helped host the award ceremony.

“Elected scholar awards are to honor students that have contributed a great amount of academic achievement, persistence, and contribution to a legacy of excellence,” Ross said.

Highline honored 16 students with legacy scholar awards.

The legacy scholar award of Achieve was given to Raven Moody.

The Business Department gave two awards, one to Ghilian Akouta and the other to Losili E. Calderon.

Zoe Williams was the recipient of the legacy scholar award from Communication Studies.

The Computer Science Department awarded Jaykant Hirpara and Julian Burrington.

Pi Peng (Joanna) Chen was presented with a scholar award from the Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Journalism awarded two students, Aline Valiente and Caleb Ruppert, as well as Isabella Anderson for her work at Thunderword.

The Mathematics Department gave Abdullahi Mahdi and Tran Luu a scholar award.

Carrera Titus Kariaki and Tyree Jackson from Model UN were awarded with scholar awards by the Global Program.

Angelina Bednaruk and Larin Miller were recipients from the Respiratory Care Deptarment.

The legacy leadership award, “Honors students that have demonstrated a high caliber of leadership achievement, persistence, and significantly contributed toward the building of a community,” Ross said.

Highline honored 35 students with legacy leadership awards.

Pietro Durante from Achieve received an award.

The Achieve Peer Navigators awarded Dean Winegar and Paul King-Sanchez.

Amaryah Johnson from American Sign Language club.

The Arabic club awarded Randa Alane and Faris Faris for this award.

Student body president, Mohamed Jama was awarded by the Associated Students of Highline.

Business club awarded Cameron Sarrett and Jasen Meyers for the leadership award.

Shirin Niazmohammadi from Career Services was awarded.

Community Leadership Consultants (CLS) awarded Mi Chunc and Jessica Morales.

Anh Che was a recipient from the Community Resource Consultants.

Computer Science club awarded Hasan Hasan and Marcella Huang for this award.

Katherine Marroquin and Selia Sosa were awarded from Cooking club.

Cru club awarded Melissa Wilson.

Dani Nguyen from Global Student Ambassador received a leadership award.

Lingxi Adres received a leadership award from the Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The Inter-cultural Center Peer Facilitators presented a leadership award to Cesar Madrigal.

The Marketing Outreach Design Team recognized Maya Santos and Samira Rodol.

Ebony Dixon-Padilla was recognized by Moms Elevated for a leadership award.

The Public Speaking Center awarded Asisha Osman and Claudia Crock.

Chen Biyao was recognized by the Respiratory Care club.

Christopher S. Ponce was awarded by the Student Veterans of America for this award.

The Students Allied for Israel recognized Michael Kimball.

Joshua Denneny and Joshua Foster were both awarded by the Theme Story club.

Tranistion Success Center recognized Heydie Martinez and Phuong Toles.

TRIO Student Support Services awarded Christopher S. Ponce and Helena Haideni Ochoa for their leadership.

Thomas Bui is the director for the center of leadership at Highline, he presented the CLS (Community Leadership Service) and CCIE (Center for Cultural and Inclusive Excellence) student leader of the year award to Syrenin (Lyn) Sam.

“This award is selected in partnership with our Center for Leadership and Center for Cultural and Inclusive Excellence,” Bui said.

Patrick Fernandez is the intern program manager for the career and student employment at Highline.

Fernandez presented the Student Employee of the Year award to Grayce Ross.

“In recognition of her impressive and notable reliability,” Fernandez said. “The quality of her work, initiative, attitude, contribution, adaptability, community and campus service within Highline College, the Student Employee of the Year goes to Grayce.”