Highline College

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Some campus services close during coronavirus quarantine

Marta BarlowStaff Reporter April 23

Since the campus is closed, so are many of the services that require people to be on campus with face-to-face interaction.

While still offering virtual services, the Career and Student Employment Center, CASE, is not accepting any new hire employees during this time. CASE has suspended the hiring of new employees and is not accepting any new on-campus job positions.

CASE does not hire students themselves, however, they assist in the hiring process.

“It is sort of like a campus employment agency,” said Daniela Esan, program specialist for Career Services.

“We help the supervisors by posting the job description,” Esan said. “[But] the students are the ones who need to reach out to the supervisors on campus for an interview to get hired.”

The hiring of new employees may be suspended, but the hiring of returning employees has not been.

“New hires take more steps to complete, which include the i-9 form along with document photocopies. … Returning employees do not need to submit I-9 and document forms and photocopies,” Esan said.

Due to Highline’s campus currently being closed, CASE staff members and new student employees cannot complete all the steps required to become employed in person. Because of the instructions on the I-9 form, CASE cannot virtually verify and make photocopies, as the student must be present.

CASE is not able to complete all the steps needed to hire new employees, but students and supervisors can start the application process.

“Supervisors have the option to start the hiring process, but once it comes to the i9, and documents, we must wait until further notice,” Esan said.

Once Highline reopens, the last parts of the application process can be completed, until then, hiring new student employees is suspended.

Students who have previously been employed with Highline and want to apply for a position, and supervisors “are welcome to contact me directly for the form,” Esan said.

For more information, or to get in contact with CASE, visit their website at https://studentemployment.highline.edu/

While CASE is able to offer virtual services and continue to work as normal, other services are not able to do that.

The food service on campus, for example, is not able to provide any services as they are closed.

The Union Café, Fireside Bistro, both in Building 8 and Café 29 in Building 29 are both closed.

“Food service is closed because the college is closed, but also under Gov. Inslee’s mandate that restaurants be closed unless they are solely focused on to-go food and that is not the current structure of Aladdin formally known as Lancer,” said Rachel Collins, the Conference and Events manager at Highline.

The current closure of the food services on campus has also affected the staff who had worked to provide these services.

“I believe that staff are currently in furlough or laid off at this time until they are able to reopen,” Collins said.

While the campus is closed, food services will remain closed as well, but once the campus reopens, the food services will reopen as well.

Other physical offices closed include the Community and Employment Services office, the Achieve office, and the Continuing Education office.

While the physical office locations are closed, the Community and Employment Services office, the Achieve office, and the Continuing Education office and others have still been available by phone or email.

Achieve has been using Zoom as well and will soon have a Zoom lobby up and running.

“We will be offering a Zoom Lobby to start next week [April 26- May 1], information about the lobby will be published on the Highline website at that time,” said Ellie Cassatt, an advisor with Achieve.

Achieve can be reached by email at achieve@highline.edu, by phone at (206) 592-3526, or Zoom with Meeting ID 349-23-3255