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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Burien Farmers Market is back in business with numerous precautions to try to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Burien Farmers Market

Marta Barlow Staff Reporter May 14

The market re-opened May 7.

At the market, only essential business, such as vendors selling produce, are present.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Burien Farmers Market has put health screenings in place for all of the market staff, vendors, and customers.

These health screenings differ for each category. For the market staff, their temperature is taken and they fill out a survey before starting work for that week.

Vendors will fill out an online survey and have their temperatures taken before work each week.

Customers who attend the market will not have to fill out a survey or have their temperature taken.

However, there is only “One way in and one way out of the market,” said Sarah Brusig, the assistant market manager. This means all customers will have to enter and leave from one entrance and exit.

Any customers exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter the market.

For those who are in the high-risk category the Burien Farmers Market is opening up the market an hour early for them.

Along with the health screening for the staff and vendors, the Burien Farmers Market is requiring everyone at the market to social distance.

One of the ways this will be done is making sure that the booths for the vendors are far enough away from each other that there are no crowds.

“Booths will be spaced 10 feet apart and in 10x10 tents,” Brusig said.

Since the Burien Farmers Market is located outside at Burien Town Square Park, there will also be markings on the ground measuring six feet apart.

At each booth, there will be no more than two people allowed at a booth.

With both health screenings and social distancing in place, the Burien Farmers Market is also including sanitization access to further keep everyone safe and healthy.

Hand washing stations are throughout the market, including the entrance and exit points, as well as at every vendor.

The Burien Farmers Market also suggests that customers and vendors bring their own hand sanitizer to use.

While the farmers market is open for business, there have been changes to what is and can be sold at it.

“Food vendors are not currently allowed to operate at the farmers markets in general until approval by the governor – we follow the same orders. Also, only pre-packaged food products are allowed right now,” Brusig said.

Venders allowed at the market, are those deemed as essential, such as those seeking produce.

This excludes booths and vendors such as artists.

“Artists and shop owners are not being allowed back into the markets until the governor says it’s OK because right now they are still considered non-essential for being open at the market,” Brusig said.

Both the Burien Farmers Market and its vendors have had to make changes to how things are done to make the farmers market still happen.

“Everyone is having to make adjustments to make the new way work and no one is unaffected by the modifications,” Brusig said.

The Buren Farmers Market is open every Thursday, May 7 to Oct. 29, 2020. For seniors and those who are high-risk, the market is open one hour early from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The market is located at the Burien Town Square Park, 480 SW 152nd St.