Highline College

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Highline departments work to get college online for spring

Marta Barlow Staff Reporter April 14

To help people transition from in-person interaction to virtual ones, ITS, Educational Technology and other departments have worked together to train their staff, along with other department staff, on how to navigate virtual teaching, learning, and services.

“ITS and Educational Technology joined forces to fill in gaps in our training and make sure that everyone could use the tools,” said Marc Lentini, director of Educational Technology at Highline.

ITS and Educational Technology have helped in training faculty and staff on how to use the three tools Highline is utilizing, Zoom, Panopto, and Canvas.

“Marc and his team have provided countless hours of live support sessions to both faculty and staff figuring out how to use available tools to work and teach remotely,” said Tim Wyre, executive director of Information Technology Services at the college.

“We had several faculty experts in online learning - Sue Frantz, Avery Viehmann, Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield, and Maurea Brown - who really went all-out to build Canvas courses and deliver a series of workshops for faculty who were new to remote and online learning,” Marc Lentini said.

Along with live support and workshops, ITS and other Highline departments have been working on other ways to help and support everyone.

“Instructional Design and ITS have both created additional documentation and videos specifically to support our community through this,” Wyre said.

Even with all the work being put into making sure things go smoothly, there are still challenges.

“The biggest challenge has been where people don’t have sufficient technology at home, whether that is a computer, a fast enough internet connection (or sometimes no internet connection at all), or other tools they need to get their work done,” Wrye said.

This is an ongoing issue, but Highline has been trying to get students and faculty the access and materials they need.

Though there are still challenges and changes going on every day, there have been some good things happening.

“We have had some major successes, such as how people have adapted to using Zoom to provide both instruction and services,” Wrye said.

While it hasn’t been long since Highline has had to make the switch from in-person services and lessons, faculty, staff, and students have been learning how to use zoom and are beginning to get adjusted to the new way of giving services, teaching, and learning.

“It’ll be an ongoing learning process for all of us,” Lentini said.

For students who are having technical difficulties or have technology-related questions, the Information Technology Service (ITS) help desk is operating online and is able to continue assisting students.

The ITS help desk is available Monday-Friday 8 am- 5 pm. Students can contact the ITS help desk by email, phone or by submitting a help desk ticket through their website at https://its.highline.edu/