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Holiday giving helps keep people living


As the holidays ramp up, more and more people feel the charitable spirit that accompanies them. But the need for giving is year-round.

Very few people are likely to contest that donating to charity is a kind act, a net positive. Nor will they disagree that there isn't any particularly good reason to only do so at one time in the year over any other.

And yet, it may or may not surprise you to learn that 34 percent of all annual charitable giving takes place in the last three months of the year, with the bulk 18 percent happening in December alone.

It makes perfect sense, really. What better time to get people in a giving mood than the holiday season?

This large concentration of donations often helps keep many charities afloat. However, much of the time, concurrent donations almost flatline through the rest of the year.

There are a myriad of great charities working this time of year. Women's Programs and WorkFirst Services are hosting their annual giving tree, where you can sign up to sponsor a family and provide extra financial help in purchasing gifts for their kids.

Many of our fellow students here at Highline are parents who could use the help. If you are interested in providing extra support for a family in need this Christmas, the sign-up can be found online at this URL: https://bit.ly/2r88aOe

Sponsors will receive information on their given family by Wednesday, Nov. 27, just in time for Black Friday shopping deals. You can drop off your gifts during finals week, Dec. 9-13.

Additionally, there's this campus' very own Change4Change bake sale on Dec. 2, which will be raising money for the weekend backpack program.

There is an alarming amount of school children from lower-income families who receive free and reduced lunch in their cafeteria. For many of them, this is their only meal.

The weekend backpack program a charity dedicated to providing these students with backpacks full of food for the weekend, so that they can go to school ready to learn.

Goodies sold at the bake sale will be single-served, 50 cents each.

Even though we live in one of the richest parts of the state, there are still countless families that are struggling. It isn't because they don't work hard, they do.

We just aren't all afforded the same advantages.

Not all of us can afford to give year-round, so if you can only manage it once, let this be the time. Otherwise, why should you base your choice to donate on whether grocery stores are stocking candy canes?


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