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By Staff Reporter

Students worry now, study later

Students say that studying for finals is challenging, but they have ways of managing the stress.

A running theme for many on campus is procrastination.

Student Peejay Oliveros has a few finals he has to take toward the end of this quarter.

"I have two finals that I need to start studying for," said Oliveros. "I have not started studying for them yet but I am aware of them coming up."

"I use to not study or prepare, which resulted in poor final scores," Oliveros said.

Procrastination has caused second-year student Cristofer Castro to worry.

"I'm worried about my history project because I haven't started it yet. What has really messed me up in the past is procrastination," he said.

Another student who's struggled in the past is Daniel Goon.

"I'm concerned about my ceramics final. I just put things off until late which causes me to stress about it," Goon said. "I would suggest you don't do that."

Second-year student Sofia Antich also has had trouble with taking studying seriously

"I took too long to start studying. I wasn't really focused and didn't take it that seriously, which hurt me when I was taking my finals," Antich said. "Spread out your studying and do little bits at a time. This quarter I'm worried about my geography final."

Some are concerned about how they can learn to study better.

"I tend to do my studying for my finals last minute so I actually need advice," said student Blaine Patten. "What I am concerned about during these finals, is my research paper for my English 205."

Cramming is another strategy that students find stressful.

"I tend to stress myself out a couple weeks before the test and cram all of the information that I have learned at the very end. I know that it isn't the best way of studying, and I don't recommend it to anyone," second-year student Mary Kim said.

Some have found good ways to retain information for finals.

For Milana Hector, that's turning assignments in early and taking notes.

"Do everything a week before it is due, and write everything out in your notes before the final. It helps with memorization," said Hector.

Memorization and going over material repeatedly is another popular method.

"Some tricks that I have learned is to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day going over previous material and then dedicating longer to the newer material," Peyton Sandger said.

"I don't have any tricks or habits for the finals but I just study hard," said one student. "I don't get enough sleep during finals week."

"Some things that I have to help me get through a final is flash cards. This is the best way that I can study and get the information into my brain. I do have test anxiety so having in- formation locked into my brain is crucial," Seroff said.

Second-year Mason Geving finds studying with friends useful.

"I study with my friends because if you are able to explain it to someone else then you know it," Geving said.

Sophie Dillard also feels like studying with friends helps.

"I like to study with friends. I like to teach them because it helps me to remember things. I would also recommend doing a lot of practice problems because then you will know what types of things will be on the final and you will be more prepared," Dillard said.

Meeting with your professors can assist you as well.

"To study for finals, I make sure to meet with my professors the week before the exam, so I can get a better idea of what exactly will be on the final," Simon Harris said.

Others found themselves learning a lesson from past finals.

"I made the mistake of not looking at an assignment list and completing each one, so in the future I will be looking at a lot of the content early on in the quarter and making sure I have everything mapped out in my planner," said second-year student Ash, who didn't share her last name.

Second-year student Rubina Fidow thought drinking caffeine would help prepare her for a final, but realized it didn't help.

"Don't procrastinate and then try to drink a bunch of caffeine before your final. It doesn't really help at all," Fidow said.

"I have made some mistakes in the past with finals that did not help my GPA. I decided to wait until the last minute to study and get all the assignments in. This was not a good idea and it didn't help me in the long run," Seroff said.

Others also learned to study better with time.

"I've become a better over time. I didn't do so well on a couple finals my freshman year because I wasn't a very good studier," Harris said.

Still, a couple students said that studying has not helped them during the tests.

"I have had finals that I don't study much for, but do well on and I've had finals where I study a ton for but do poorly on," said one student.

Another student said that the final she failed was one of the finals that she studied most for.

"I honestly don't ever study for finals. If I do all the classwork and pay attention in class, I don't feel like I have anything to study," she said.

Overall, taking the time to take it one step at a time is the way to go, Fidow said.

"Go over all your past assignments and go back through your notes. Spread out your studying and do it little bits at a time, don't do it all last minute," Fidow said. "Just breathe, it'll be OK."


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