HIGHLINE COLLEGE |Wed, Feb 26, 2020

Designing new careers

By Aydin Aladinov - Staff Reporter

The Interior Design Program is a useful way to get your art credits or fulfill your degree because it can lead to many different careers, the Design Department coordinator said.

Professor Tamara Hilton said interior design can benefit students in several ways.

"Interior design and drafting classes teach you skills needed to be successful in the design field, by taking a design project from start to finish," said Hilton.

"You will also learn drawing software skills needed to complete the project. Design classes foster creativity and a chance to complete hands on projects," she said.

Hilton said interior design relates to the world as we live it.

"Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It's a part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, and play," said Hilton.

"Interior designers know how to plan and visually present a space to either an individual or a business client," she said.

"Interior designers are knowledgeable in every aspect of interior planning from materials and production specification to health and safety issues, building codes and other technical aspects," Hilton said.

Hilton said Highline offers an Interior Design associate of applied science degree; a drafting design associates of applied science degree; and a bachelor of applied science in integrated design.

"The BAS in integrated design is built on the three pillars: design across disciplines, integration of technology, and equity-based design. This degree will be interdisciplinary in nature with program outcomes focused on design theory, process, interactive technology, equity-based design and leadership," Hilton said.

Hilton said the degrees require some math.

"Students who are wanting to pursue their bachelors in applied science in Integrated Design should complete a math above 100 like Math 107 or Math 146," Hilton said.

"Students who are getting their AAS in Interior Design can complete ACCTG 121 Practical Accounting or BUSN 135 Business Math," Hilton said.

"Students who get their AAS in Interior Design go on to work in many different aspects of the design field. Some examples of places graduates would work are architectural firms, Interior Design firms, retail furniture stores and starting their own business," Hilton said.

"Students who go on to get their bachelor's of applied science in Integrated Design become more marketable in the job market," Hilton said.

You don't have to know what career path you want to be able to benefit from these classes, Hilton said. Some students take these classes because they like design or because they need to complete their degrees.

Hilton also said there is a class that can get you ready for upper level design classes if you are planning on going to University of Washington Tacoma for their urban design program, Interior Design 169, Lumion.

Lumion is a design application that allows you to see your drawings in 3D.

A student who identified himself as P.K. said why he likes the integrated design bachelor's program.

"I like the integrated design bachelor's program for the fact of there being multiple different disciplines of designers in the class," said P.K.

"We get to learn skills to see from multiple different perspectives. My favorite part is focusing on human-centric design. We share love through design," P.K. said.

P.K. said what he wants to be in the future and how his background in design will help.

"My future career is being a CEO of a company. In our time, we may say that some of the top CEOs are fellow designers such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk," said P.K.

"It seems important to be able to communicate your vision through visual media and not just contextual words. So being a designer is a benefit for being a good CEO," said P.K.

P.K. does not dislike anything about the program, he believes it is perfect.


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