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Rock 'n' roll hypnotist will mesmerize you Saturday

By Divier Serrano

Ron Stubbs says he wants to heal people and make them laugh.

He will be performing his rock 'n' roll hypnosis show this Saturday at the Auburn Ave. Theater.

Stubbs is the self-proclaimed rock 'n'roll hypnotist who has travelled all around the world for his hypnosis show, has appeared in motion picture films, and has taught hypnotherapy.

To be a rock 'n' roll hypnotist means more than one may think.

"It means I take the live action, the fast pace from a rock concert and put it into a comedy hypnosis show," said Stubbs.

Stubbs described his rock and roll hypnosis show to us.

"It's very fast paced. Every show is different because all the people that get on stage are different. I always try to make sure that everybody gets what they came for," said Stubbs.

Stubbs has been doing this show since 1998.

He is also the only rock 'n' roll hypnotist. What made Stubbs want to create this show was more than just money, he said.

"I've been a rock and blues musician all my life. When I learned hypnosis, I saw an opportunity to not only help people heal through hypnotherapy, which I use to teach for 15 years, but I saw the changes that took place in people rapidly," he said.

"If you can do that with a session, why not reach a mass of people all at once by making them laugh?"

Stubbs said he managed to create the show by combining things he enjoyed.

"I've got a work mind and a good sense of humor. Put those two together, add a little dose of partying and some rock and roll, and that's the way it came up. I love making people laugh and luckily I have a job where that's what I get to do," said Stubbs.

The show has continued for so long because of many reasons, he said.

"It's a good show. It is multi-generational. I don't go dirty. My show can be squeaky clean, or I can go a little risqué, but it is never dirty. I refuse to do that; I don't think that's funny. It's family friendly if it needs to be, so I can perform all over the world anywhere that I want to," said Stubbs.

His show is unique when compared to another hypnotist shows, he said.

"A lot of the material is very original. It's very family friendly when I'm doing the fairs, grad nights, colleges and high schools and places like that. When I'm doing the casinos, we step it up and make it risqué. I never ever try to embarrass anybody and I always make sure that people leave feeling better than when they came in," said Stubbs.

The show will be at Auburn Ave. Theater, 10 Auburn Ave. at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are $19 for students and seniors, and $22 for everyone else. To purchase tickets, call: 253-931-3043, they are available Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or purchase them online at: https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?show=104833


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Federal Way Performing Arts Center will host Tango Del Cielo, Tango of Heaven on Nov. 13 at 7:30 p.m. It is a multimedia show with sensuous music and dramatic Latin flamenco. With harp, string, drums and dance, Tango Del Cielo has a unique theatrical program for those who attend.

Tickets start at $22 for general admission.

Federal Way Performing Arts Center address is 31510 Pete von Reichbauer Way S.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit: https://av.fwpaec.org/online/default.asp

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Locally Sourced tickets start at $30 and go up to $190.

The event will be held at McCaw Hall. The address of the event is 321 Mercer St. Seattle.

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The event will end out the Earshot Jazz Festival and will be held at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

The Earshot Jazz supports the growing community of jazz artists and audiences in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

The address for the venue is 104 17th Ave S. Seattle.

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For more information and to purchase tickets visit https://www.langstonseattle.org/event/garyhammon/.