The art of the world

By Winter Dorval - Thunderword Reader

Dear Editor:

I'm writing in response to President [James Jackson's] guest commentary advocating that Highline abandon the national anthem. 

Sir I'm sorry you feel that way. It says a lot about how far apart we still are and how much we do need to continue to embrace "inclusion" and come together. 

I am sorry that hearing our country's anthem is painful for you. Nevertheless, it's our anthem and I cannot come your way on this one. 

Consider for a moment what sweet music this song was in the ears of Jesse Owens when standing on the top step before Hitler.

In my opinion, if you were going to go for such a far reaching change, it would have been more brave and intellectually honest to disclose this from the beginning when you first chose to run; not at the end when you're going out the door in cap and gown and sending it to a committee. 

Good luck in your future goals.

- Dan Anderson

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