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New administrators can help Highline


Since the beginning of the school year, Highline has currently had six empty vice president and dean positions open on campus such as vice president of student services, vice president of aca- demic affairs, dean of academic transfer programs and dean of Workforce and Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) programs.

According to Highline.edu, the position for Student Services operates on three core functions: access, supporting student success, and engagement with a focus on equity with goals that include designing and implementing a holistic advising model that supports students from entry to completion, increasing progression and completion for students on a path, increasing access and enrollment, and professional development.

The vice president of academic affairs is also the main director for instructional planning and budgets who coordinates and participates in budget updates and budget meetings.

The dean of academic transfer programs oversees programs such as the Honors program, the MESA (or STEM program), the Puente program, Umoja Black Scholars Program, and the AANAPISI program.

Finally, the dean of Workforce and Bachelor of Applied Science oversees the bachelor's degree programs, which include cybersecurity and forensics, respiratory care, global trade and logistics, youth development, integrated design, and teaching and early learning.

Two other positions will be open alongside the previous ones: vice president of equity and inclusion, and dean of college and career readiness.

Because of the lack of vice presidents and deans in those departments, each position is valuable and plays an essential role in running our school system, which is why it is important to fill these positions as soon as possible; the role of vice president of equity and inclusion, for example, is needed since Highline has a student population of over 70 percent students of color representing 35 nations and more than 100 languages.

Additional guidance should be provided to those coming to the United States for the first time and to help those settle in to Campus View, if they choose to live on campus.

Other positions such as dean of Academic Transfer Programs are also important roles to fill since it's crucial for students to receive the proper resources and guidance to transfer to a university, which would be aided by someone overseeing these transfer programs, especially for international students.

The role of dean of Workforce and BAS is also one of the important faculty members needed right now especially since more students are applying for the new bachelor's program at Highline.

When hiring new vice presidents and deans to take over these roles, it's important to consider whether or not they will prioritize the students and their needs.


New administrators can help Highline

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