Be part of Arcturus

By Cindy Ngo - Guest Commentary

Have you ever seen your work in a Highline journal? Every year, Highline prints and publishes a journal of artwork, photography, poetry, and prose that comes from students, staff, and alumni.

This journal is titled Arcturus, but even if you can be published, a definite portion of the Highline community isn't aware of this annual opportunity and what it can provide. For 40 years, Arcturus has been an outlet to publish, meaning a physical recognition within its pages, and more than once it has been a first publication for some of Highline's students. 

However, the importance of Arcturus goes beyond just publication. By compiling the creative works in our community, we're building the continuity for future literary writing and artwork at the college. It's from printing students work that the journal serves to instill confidence but also give motivations and inspiration to anyone who picks up the journal.

It is also an opportunity to create a bond with the campus and be more involved with our community. By being a part of Arcturus, whether by submitting or being an editor, you're taking steps to getting to know your community and what it has to offer for you. From there, you establish a bond with our campus and can take that to where ever else you may go when you leave for another.

You can also step away with an experience from the publishing world. Just the simple act of submitting your work and hearing back from the editors is you opening the doors to being published for probably the first time. Something that you may be interested in continuing even after your time here at Highline. 

As an editor for Arcturus you partake in two three-credit classes, and learn the steps to creating a literary and art journal. The knowledge you gain will be endless, and if you're interested or have taken an interest in publication, Arcturus is an experience you are guaranteed to learn from. Nevertheless, both look great on cover letters and resumes and something you can do to be more involved with Highline.

Personally speaking, being an editor for this year's Arcturus was an eye-opening experience for me. When I started at Highline I didn't think being involved would be important. I never even heard of Arcturus until I picked it up for the first-time last Spring. 

I was amazed; the artwork, photography, poetry, and prose were all things that sparked a curiosity inside that made me wonder if I could do something like this too. What I learned as my time as editor, the people I encountered, and the feeling that I'm adding onto Highline's history was something I never would have experienced if I didn't go out of my way to seek it.

Arcturus is a journal that was made to serve the Highline community, and it strives to do that today. But it's also done by students, staff, and alumni. As much as the journal serves you, it also needs your support to keep it alive. Such as being an editor for next year, liking our Facebook page, or just coming to our launch party. 

The journal's theme for this year is "Northern Lights", inspired by the beauty in natural phenomena.

Our launch party is on June 8, in Building 2, at noon and 6 p.m. Refreshments, music, and speakers will be there to celebrate Arcturus's 40th Anniversary. For more information, please visit our website: Come by for your free copy, and join in with the rest of our community. We hope to see many of you there.

Be part of Arcturus

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