At school year's end, reflect on its success

By Thunderword Staff

Highline has had a successful year.

Finals are next week and soon most students will either be graduating or off on summer vacation. In either case, last thing on their minds will be Highline.

But with the year ending, people should take the time to remember and reflect on all of the good things that happened on campus. Both for the short term and for the long haul, Highline is in a great position to succeed.

This year, the Building 26 remodel finally got under way. Highline was able to secure enough funding in the state's budget to fully fund it project. This long-delayed remodel will help Highline continue its mission of preparing students for years to come.

In the sports world, both men's and women's soccer won their respective championships, and brought trophies back to campus. The women's soccer team was able to accomplish this feat for the first time in 22 years. Several other sports had strong seasons and strong individual performances.

Highline also opened a food pantry on campus. This resource is important and allows people on campus who are in need of a meal to be able to eat. Hopefully, this resource will continue to expand and help more people.

In February, when there was a false alarm of a shooting on campus, the safety plan was put to a test in a real-life situation. And while there are certainly improvements to be made in the plan, overall the response was good and showed that the campus is prepared for an event that will hopefully never happen.

Highline is also getting leadership. After a nearly year-long search that saw many candidates and three finalists, Dr. John Mosby was selected to be the next president of Highline. His enthusiasm for the position, his desire to succeed, and his background and credentials made him an ideal candidate. He is primed to lead Highline into a new era and he will be an excellent addition to our campus.

In addition to having a new president, Highline will also get several new voices in it's senior leadership. Dr. Lisa Skari and  Dr. Rolita Ezeonu and will also be leaving Hig1hline for different opportunities. This showed that Highline was already under strong leadership, and other schools agreed and wanted to try to bring some of Highline's success to their campus.

The outgoing administrators will certainly be missed on campus. The new administrators will hopefully bring the same level of commitment to the success of the college, and will work to add on to our school.

And last but not least, Highline has worked to prepare thousands of students for their futures. Highline's main focus has and will continue to be educating students.

This year for Highline was strong. So before summer comes, take a few minutes to reflect on all of the good that happened on campus this year and will continue for years to come.

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