Responsibility shouldn't be hindered

By Thunderworld Staff

Birth control is important.

But according to the Trump Administration, women don't deserve the right to have it covered under insurance.

 The administration plans to make it a whole lot easier for employers to get an exemption from having to provide birth control to their employees, according to a document that was leaked yesterday by the news site Vox.

The Affordable Care Act already provided a more narrow ability to obtain an exemption, but this change will allow for much looser rules.

The exception would allow employers to receive an exemption for religious or moral reasons.

Birth control has played an important role in the ability of women to enter the workforce.  Women are now able to choose when they get pregnant, which increases their ability to be competitive in their careers.

It makes it possible for women to even have careers.

But to benefit from the ability to choose, you have to be able to afford it.

Taking away birth control coverage will only raise the likelihood that women will have unwanted pregnancies.  

Birth Control pills can cost between $20 to $50 a month.  That might not seem like much to the middle and upper class, but to low-income women, that $20-$50 could make a big impact.

Low-income women will be the ones to suffer.  

When women have to choose between birth control and buying food or paying bills, the pregnancy rate is bound to rise.  Which in turn will lead to more women needing assistance from the state.

Birth control coverage is much cheaper than the amount of welfare that will be spent on low-income mothers.

And without birth control coverage, more low-income women will be faced with the question of whether to have a child, or to have an abortion, and abortion rates are bound to see an increase.

This country should be applauding women's ability to make responsible choices for their future, not making it harder for them to be responsible.  

The shame that has long overshadowed women and sexuality should be a thing of the past.

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