HIGHLINE COLLEGE |Fri, Apr 3, 2020

Dr. John Mosby's first year as Highline's president was full of challenges, changes, and rewarding experiences, he said this week.

Dr. Mosby came on as college president in July 2018. He previously served as the vice president of student services at Mission College in Santa Clara, Calif.

A lot of the changes Dr. Mosby experienced involved administration.

"We have a lot of people who have retired and left to pursue other opportunities," Dr. Mosby said. "And then we have a lot of new people at the college ... within our staff, within our faculty, and within our senior administration. Just a lot of new folks."

Despite how busy the year was, Dr. Mosby found it to be very rewarding in the end, he said. "It was a busy, busy year," he said. "But at the end of the year when I'm at commencement, and we're there to celebrate the achievements of our students, it made it all worth it."

Hosting his first commencement was something Dr. Mosby was looking forward to, he said.

"A dream of mine [was] always to be president, and to be able to hand out diplomas and certificates," Dr. Mosby said. "At commencement, that was realized for me last year."

Another highlight was seeing all the different inclusive events that Highline hosted, Dr.

Mosby said.

"I have been extremely impressed with the number of events that this college sponsors," he said. "Opening Week, Welcome Week, LGBTQIA Week coming up. I mean, [it's] so organized, and so community driven."

As for this upcoming year, he's looking forward to expanding Highline programs, including student housing, and starting up the searches for new vice president and dean positions, Dr. Mosby said.

"It's taking the work we did this last year, and building on it," he said.

A huge part of this year will be searching for qualified people to fill the open administration spots.

"We're going to have ... a new VP position," he said. "We're going out this year for a VP of student services, a VP of academic affairs, and a VP of, it's kind of a working title, but equity, diversity and inclusion.

"That's at the executive administration level. We will be going out for dean positions [too]. We still have a lot of hiring to do."

Making sure student housing is being filled and going well is another priority, Dr. Mosby said.

"This is our first full year of campus housing, so making sure that we fill our building, but also responding to the needs of our students on campus [is important]," he said.

One bigger issue that Highline is looking into is the drop-in enrollment this year, Dr. Mosby said.

"Another thing that's important is ... addressing our enrollment challenges, which is statewide," he said.

This includes looking at practices and policies, and finding ways to sustain growth in the student population, Dr. Mosby said.

As a whole, he said he is excited for the future of Highline and where it's headed.

"As we look towards the future, with light rail coming in... [and] reimagining new buildings," he said. I'm excited to see the campus continue to grow."


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