HIGHLINE COLLEGE |Fri, Nov 15, 2019

The Student Veterans of Highline College Club met on May 9 for their second meeting in the Veterans Office.

"The club is to get student veterans together and make a difference in the school, is the intent and to help each other out, support each other, cause in the military you got a bond, trying to get some of that comradery back in the school atmosphere but at the same time working to- gether to make the school better" said Ezekiel Rodriguez, the vice president of the club.

Right now, only after one meeting, the club is 45 veterans strong, the organizers say they expect higher numbers with this meeting.

"We are the most diverse group of individuals that you will find on any campus, in ev- ery term. religious, ethnic, sex- ual identity, country of origin,

we do not care. We are high- ly motivated individuals, that have a background from every- where," said Kendall Evans, the veteran's adviser.

"[These are] like-minded individuals getting together to share experiences and working together with a similar inter- est, the interest that each one of these individuals have is of mil- itary culture," said Evans.

So far, club members have gotten together for bowling events. They hold events to re- claim that sense of brotherhood.

But the club isn't just for vet- erans, "Civilians are more than welcome to join," said Rodri- guez. "But everything we do going to be geared to the vet- eran." said Evans. It is a great idea to come because "[you] get exposed to some of our cultur- al norms, some of things that [veterans] say people sometimes take to seriously whereas to [them], it's nothing if you were in [their] seat," Said Kendall.

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