The FINALS solution

By Sophia Latifyar and Krystal Robbins - Staff Reporters

Highline students study hard as finals get closer.

Finals week is right around the corner and students are studying to prepare themselves for finals.

According to the University of Lafayette in Pennsylvania, as of 2017, 55 percent of first-year students spend more than 15 hours per week preparing for class while 45 percent spend five hours or less.

Some studying tips that students thought were helpful to them were:

Creating flashcards when studying for terms, using applications such as Quizlet to test themselves.

Also being able to rely on study guides for the material on tests while summarizing and memorizing the material.

Students' strategies in studying for finals and how they prepare themselves is mostly relying on material given to them and study guide structures.  

Some students relied on memorization as their strategy in doing well for their finals.

"Yes, studying my notes and what my professor gives me in class. I study about two-three hours," said Kaden Lusink.

Another student Phloy Kaslasky said, "Not much to it, old tests are good to rely on. I study about five-ten hours for Chemistry 131."

"Reviewing handouts and study guides every other hour, breaking it into chunks," said Natalie Stephens.

Mary Rabua agreed and said, "Yes I prepare by studying a week before, everyday about three hours, pacing myself."

"Studying for about two days, reviewing exams, and note cards helped me," said Daisy Estrada.

Highline students have also realized that studying with more than one person actually impacted their grades well because they were able to remember more information.

A group of friends created a study group. Janelle Celestial, Eric Tran, Brandy Xiong, Phu Lee, Wesley Trac, Tim Nguyen, Cornelius Ngy, and Sarah Kim have similar classes together. They use applications such as Quizlet and flashcards to test one another.

Their key necessities to a final are having a good breakfast and eat well, exercise for about an hour or two, and sleep for about seven to eight hours.

Highline students prepare themselves with multiple strategies rather than using just one.






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