Sonic returns, Xbox update, EA expands...

By Reuben Gonzales - Video Game Warriors

Chili dogs, gold coins, and team work hit the race track in Sega's latest Sonic installment.

In this Mario Kart style racing game features characters from the Sonic universe throughout the franchise's history.

The game features 21 exciting tracks based off of levels from previous Sonic games, Team Sonic Racing will also feature new music that will excite long- time fans of the franchise.

Team Sonic Racing features some different modes of play to keep the game feeling fresh: with time trails players can try and set new lap times, the Grand Prix pits players against others to earning points to see who is the best, Exhibition allows you to set your own rules for races, Team Adventure is a story mode campaign that will tell you why these characters are racing.

There are 15 characters to choose from to set up your team.

The characters are divided into classes made up of speed, technique, and power.

Players will race in sports cars; they will be able to customize their cars after competing and earning rewards by racing.

Team Sonic Racing, as the name states, is very team oriented, allowing players to slingshot each other, to speed team mates up, or even share power ups.

The game even takes into account where your teammates finish as well as how you worked as a team. You could finish first place every race and the two other teammates could then place 7th and 8th and it would drag your total down.

Your team can be comprised of any assortment of three characters but a more balanced team might be helpful.

The most synergistic team can fill up their "Ultimate" meter. When filled, the meter allows for a huge speed boost to all players on the team. The speed boost can be extended by smashing into other racers.

Players can unlock parts for their car based on progress in their game. The parts you earn can help modify handling, boosting, acceleration, defense, and top speed.

Team Sonic Racing will also allow you and three of your friends to play together on the couch, as well as go online to play with your other friends.

Team Sonic Racing surprisingly comes with no extra content, which seems to be the standard in the industry as of late.

If you feel the need to go fast, Team Sonic Racing arrives May 21.

The all-digital age is upon us?

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the release of the all-digital Xbox One S.

This model is the same size as the normal Xbox One S but it has no disk drive and will come preloaded with three games. This announcement comes a few months before the Electronic Arts Expo where it is believed that Microsoft will unveil a new generation of Xbox.

The big move came after Electronic Arts announced that 49 percent of its sales over that past year were digital.

Electronic Arts will service PlayStation

EA announced that EA Access will be coming to PlayStation this summer.

To be more precise, EA Access becomes available in July, but no official date has been given. This will give PlayStation players access to Electronic Arts hits through a $5 a month subscription or $30 annual fee.

With EA facing backlash over the last few games, this could be an attempt to earn a few new fans. Either way, it should be a good move for the company.

Become Baba Yaga

Bithell Games announced yesterday they are developing an action-oriented strategy game based off of the John Wick movies.

The game, titled John Wick Hex, will come to consoles and PC, exclusive to the Epic Store.

The game is described as "fight-choreographed chess" with players needing to think about every action they take.

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