More should be done for inmates

By Thunderword Staff

Our society has a hard time accepting felons once they get out of prison.

Prison felons are not given the tools to live a livable life again. Life after prison is limited. Felons are defined by their orange state ID card saying "I'm a felon."

Society has trouble trusting felons because of their history. As a society we should analyze how effective is our prison system. Is it really effective?

If someone committed a crime like driving while drunk and killed someone, by all means yes give the person a sentence in prison. But also give the person tools to survive if the person will be released from prison. The person should be put through specialized classes that educate they on the dangers that arise when driving while drunk.

Often a lot of felons have mental illness that go uncured because the system ignores them and just looks at the crime.

Society wants the criminal to pay for their crime but ignores the fact that the criminal is not going to get any better after finishing their long sentence.

Felons and anyone that has been in the system, according to experts, are more likely to return into the system without some training, so they can make a living when they get out.

So in reality once again, is putting someone in the system really effective?

A felon most likely doesn't have the education to go do a high paying job.

Several prisons offer certificate and degree programs, and every prison offers anger management class and job-search.  

However, job-search isn't all that helpful if the prison doesn't have some sort of education or training program set in place.

Experts say that the more education you have the less likely you are to stay out of the system. A lot of inmates don't even have a high school education. Again only several prisons offer high school for 21 and over.

King County prosecutor, Dan Satterberg said in last week's Thunderword that placing educational programs for inmate will greatly benefit the inmates and their communities, once the inmates get out of prison.

Giving felons the tools to come back into society is important because once they are released from prison they are able to be productive in society, instead of going back to committing more crime.

In the long run providing help for inmates would do more good than harm.

More should be done for inmates

Our society has a hard time accepting felons once they get out of prison.

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