Highline embraces its blossoming diversity

By Thunderword Staff

Highline has done a good job on making everyone feel welcome.

Highline has been praised for its diversity, through the multiple national awards received through the years.

The Black and Brown Summit has been held since 2011. The Summit happened earlier this month and was successful again. The summit was focused on helping high school and college students all over Washington. The goal of the summit is to empower young men to excel academically.

Y.E.L.L., which stands for Young Educated Ladies Leading, is also targeting women of color. Their goal is to empower women of color to excel academically.

UPRISE is a summit that focuses on empowering Pacific Islander students academically.

Highline focuses on empowering its students, helping and encouraging them to follow whatever career path the student chooses.

These are just some of the resources Highline offers to its diverse community.

Highline welcomes diversity and encourages students to learn about other people cultures, by respecting other people's cultures.

There is plenty of diversity in pretty much every classroom. Highline has done a good job on accommodating the diverse group of students.

The Inter-Cultural Center and Center for Leadership and Service are part of welcoming the diversity.

Highline has a variety of different clubs. Students are welcomed to start clubs, with a minimum of five students to start the club.

Highline has a variety of clubs from ethnic clubs to an educational fun cooking club.

MESA is another great way for students in minority groups to get support. MESA stands for Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement. The program serves underrepresented students in STEM fields. MESA student center offers a space to study, computer access, industry guest speakers, workshops, advising, and scholarship and internship resources.

Highline strives to help those students in need and accommodate the needs of the diverse population.

Highline also offers other tools to help students.

The Writing Center has tutors who speaking different languages, and are willing to help students in their own language to make it easier for the student to understand.

Highline has plenty of support for students during the students' academic time at Highline.

At a time in history when the country doesn't want diversity, Highline is exploding with it.

Highline embraces its blossoming diversity

Highline has done a good job on making everyone feel welcome.

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