Dr. Mosby targeted in online phishing attack

By Nayyab Rai - Staff Reporter

A scam email was sent to Highline`s faculty and staff, asking for gift cards for Dr. John Mosby, the college president.

The incident was quickly reported to Public Safety and Infor- mation Technology Services and dealt with Nov. 13.

The emails that were sent under Dr. Mosby`s name said that he needed "two steam wallet cards," with $100 in each one. The sender claimed that the reason for the gift cards was that it was one of Dr. Mos-
by`s best friend`s son`s
birthday. The sender
asked that everyone
get physical cards and
take pictures of them,
which they wanted to
have sent through the

The sender, posing as Dr. Mosby, also claimed that he would later reimburse everyone.

"When we first found out about these emails, we quick- ly went to work with Information Technology Services to find out who was sending them," said Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management David Menke.

"There is not much that Public Safety does or can really do when it comes to this type of crime, we just do our best and work with ITS," Menke said.

"We quickly verified with Dr. Mosby that he did not send the emails. In fact, the email address that it was sent from does not exist," Menke said.

"Once we did all of this, we let ITS work their mag- ic to find out who was it that sent the email,' Men- ke said.

This time, the email was caught pretty quickly, but many people do fall prey to internet scams, he said.

"One major thing that people should look out for is misspelled words. With this email, we noticed that the sender misspelled many words, and did not

even capitalize the letter 'I'," Menke said. "Double check the email address, especially if you think that something may be

off," Menke said.
Scammers might send emails requesting private information,

he said.
"If you ever get something that says they want your private

information, such as: Social Security number, credit card num- ber, chances are that it's a scam," Menke said.

"I have heard of cases where someone emails you and says that they accidently put too much money in your bank account. They would say to please send the money through the mail, and they would get it fixed. A week later, your check bounces and you're out $500," Menke said.

While internet fraud is rampant, it is not reported nearly as often as it happens, he said.

"I think people just get a little embarrassed, you think that it is never gonna happen to you, until it does," Menke said.

Dr. Mosby had expressed shock upon learning about the emails.

"That email is 100 percent false," Dr. Mosby said.

"Whoever did this was smart, but I truly wish that they would use their talents on positive activities," Dr. Mosby said.

"I do however, have complete confidence in ITS and I truly ap- preciate them for everything that they have done," Dr. Mosby said. If you ever receive a suspicious email, forward it to the ITS help desk at helpdesk@highline.edu and Public Safety at Building 6, first floor.

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