Trojan War is more than a legend

By Stephen Springer - Staff Reporter

Highline Public Safety officials aren't exactly sure why it has experienced a lull in crime over the past several weeks, but Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management David Menke has a few ideas as to why.

Only a handful of reports were made for a time of year where crime was expected to spike.

Highline Public Safety had predicted the spike to occur between now and March, when the days are short, dark, and rainy. The prediction was made based of years of data showing the "crime season" to be the most active during this time of year.

Highline public safety officials say they are happy that it's slow, because students are safe and public safety is able to focus more on incidents that arise and handle them quickly.

David Menke, director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, attributes the lull to several things. The first being the cameras located around campus which he calls a "force multiplier." He said they are able to spot problems before they arise. Even after an incident has occurred cameras have helped catch who is responsible. They also act as a deterrent.

Menke says a critical part of public safety is students calling Public Safety if they see something suspicious or 911 for a crime in progress.

The Public Safety office averages between five and 10 calls a week, all of which Public Safety takes seriously.

"Students are the eyes and ears on campus. We rely on them to inform us on what is going on," said Menke.

"Many people hesitate to say anything or when they finally do make the call, the crime had already been committed," he said.

Public Safety officials say and encourage students report possible problems.

"It's better to make the call and have Public Safety investigate the report than to ignore it. People know when something isn't right, if you see something say something," Menke said.

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