Peaceful is way to go

By Thunderword Staff

People protesting the election of Donald Trump as president have been going too far.

Nothing is being achieved with people breaking windows or setting trees on fire.

These violent protests are doing more harm than good.

Everyone is granted the freedom of speech in the United States.

However, violent protests over the weekend in Portland have resulted in people being injured and businesses having to pay for damages they didn't cause.

Use your right of freedom of speech wisely.

Peaceful protesting can make an impact, or a point if done right.

For example student walkouts have been successful.

Teachers know that students have the right to voice their opinion.  

Plenty of students at universities and high schools have shown they are capable of showing they disagree with the election results without disturbing the peace or causing harm in their communities.

Injuring police officers and getting arrested isn't as successful  because people are just showing their rage instead of sending a clear message.

Showing  rage isn't going to make a difference.

Spray painting buildings with racial slurs is just costing money to remove and is an inconvenience to the owner of the building - it's not achieving a clear goal.

Bullying people who are part of minority groups, whether they be a person with a disability, a Muslim, or an immigrant is not OK.

Donald Trump has legitimized this with his campaign rhetoric, but think of it this way.

What if you were that person?

Or what if the roles changed and the majorities were being the bullies?

Everyone would stand up and say something, fight against what they thought was wrong.

No one should feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

This is a basic human right.

People need to show right now that they are wise.

Choosing wisely means you don't put people down just because Trump made it OK.

Everyone has their own brain; use it wisely.

This moment is when the people have to unite and protest peacefully in order to get a clear message across.

Remember there are other ways people can make an impact. One ironically enough is voting.

Voting for presidential candidate is not all there is to it. There are plenty of other important things to vote for.

About one third of the United States senators, and all of the U.S. House of Representatives, are up for election every two years.

Even though the presidential election is perhaps one of the most intense elections of the cycle, voting for members of Congress is also important because they are part of the process of making bills into laws.

This is a small action that can make a huge impact.

The impact is less harmful than the violent protests happening.

The small action of voting is also sending a clear message of what you want.

The main point is to be actively voting whenever you get the chance not just when there is something major on the ballot.

Showing rage and destroying property is only a problem and hurts those around these violent protests.

It's OK to voice your opinion, but do it in a manner where no one is getting hurt or hurting yourself.

Peaceful is way to go

People protesting the election of Donald Trump have been going too far.

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