HC to coordinate honors program

By Kori Spencer - Staff Reporter

Central Washington University is now offering an Honors Program that allows community college transfer students to more easily segue into its upper division program.

Highline's program and the Central program are not shared, but the intention is to make transferring into the Central program easier.

"Highline's Honors Program is still a separate institution but the benefit to this agreement is that you don't have to go through the application process in order to get into Centrals Honors Program," said Jacque Clinton, director of Highline's Honor's Program.

"Often it's difficult for transfer students to participate in a university honors program because, typically honors programs start the freshman year of attending a four-year college," Clinton said.

She said she is interested in similar agreements with other colleges but nothing is yet in place like it is with Central.

This will make it easier for students who are transferring who still want to retain the significance and the effort required to be in an honors program.

"Students completing their degree [at Central] will graduate with honors. Formerly, the requirement was to attend to CWU for [all] four years but now Highline Honor's students can transfer to CWU and still maintain this distinction," said Lucas Rucks, the regional director of Central on Highline's Campus.

For the Juniors and Seniors, the classes will be held in Building 29 in the Winter and Spring, Rucks said.

He said he also wants to have this honors program available to other community colleges as well, but nothing is official.

This connection between Highline and Central is official and an articulation agreement has been signed.

"Highline honor's student will automatically be accepted into Central's Honors Program when they transfer after earning their Direct Transfer Agreement degree," Rucks said.

Before this wasn't even possible because of the Centrals 4-year program requirement.

Rucks said he is hoping by Fall of 2017 that the new honors program will be more fully developed with more honors classes and undergraduate research possibilities beginning that quarter.

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