Have coffee with a cop next week

By Nayyab Rai - Staff Reporter

Public Safety hopes having a cup of joe with a police officer will help you see him as a regular Joe (or Jane).

Students and staff will be able to meet with various law enforcement agencies and ask questions.

"We host this event to help our community better connect with police officers," said Public Safety Director David Menke.

"It is to help encourage students and faculty to reach out and talk with law enforcement, to get them used to seeing and meeting police officers," Menke said.

"We get this perception from the me- dia regarding law enforcement, and this way, people can come and see what these different agencies do, and understand what their jobs are," he said.

Not everyone has the best impression when it comes to the police, Menke said.

"This event is to help build a bridge between the police and the public to help them get past grudges, and discuss what they do not approve of, and maybe even come up with strategies to make things better," Menke said.

"Students who are interested in be coming a police officer can come and ask questions on what is needed to become one," Menke said.

Des Moines Police Department, Washington State Patrol, and the King County Sheriff's Office are some of the many law enforcement agencies that will be attending the event, he said.

"The Public Safety Office and local law enforcement have worked together to maintain a relationship, and we hope that this friendship

will continue for a long time," Menke said. "The leadership will be there, the po- lice chief, assistant police chief, and the many commanders will come to Highline and listen to what people have to say regarding their agencies," Menke said. Coffee with a Cop will be on Nov. 15. The event will run 11:30 a.m. to 12:30p.m. in Building 8, Mt. Townsend.
For more information, call Public Safety at 206-592-3218.

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