Climate change wreaking havoc

By Thunderworld Staff

Natural disasters are nothing new to Americans, but this year has been record setting for the storms and wildfires that have ravaged different parts of our country.

Even though climate change may still seem like an inconsequential problem at the moment, the consequences are definitely impacting our way of life.

While record-setting fires caused the West Coast to burn from California to British Columbia, South East coast states and territories were battered by hurricanes.

Erratic weather is one of the signs we have been warned of since the beginning, which is exactly what caused both the largest wildfires in Canada's history, the deadliest wildfires in California's history and the unbridled hurricane destruction in Puerto Rico.

Ocean surface temperatures have a direct impact on weather as well as the melting of polar ice and will have escalating impacts as weather continues to warm up.

Because nature operates by seasonal changes and not the human calendar, warmer climates shift the way that plants grow and the way that insects and animals react to the changing of the seasons.

Bark beetles will continue chewing through the woods creating tinder for the next mega forest fire and habitats will continue to change and be disrupted by the introduction of predators to new areas, which has already been observed for years in the world's oceanic ecosystems.

What it all really comes down to is that climate change is not a political issue. Even if human life wasn't the driving force behind global warming, there is no debate that the climate is changing.

Humans and animals have already been impacted across the globe, which is only the beginning of the unfortunate reality of human-driven climate change and it's only accelerating.

As the United States is easily the richest country to ever grace the earth, we must demand that our government do more to fight for this earth to be as beautiful and safe for future generations as possible.

Let's do our best to save the only home humanity has.

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