Trump wouldn't be an ideal president

By Thunderword Staff

Donald Trump should not be president because he has no idea what he's doing.

Trump has no previous political experience. He's a businessman. He wants to run the country like a business. In a business you tell people what to do and they have to do it if not they get fired.

However, that's not the way a country is run. In a country there are rules, there is a system. Trump graduated from Wharton School of Finance. He doesn't know anything about running a country.

A country is kept in check with the political system in place. He is only experience is in being an author and a businessman, that's it. Having no political experience doesn't make him a very likely choice to be president.

Voting Trump into office will be a mistake because he has no idea what presidents should do or how they should act. He doesn't understand that presidents are the face of the country. Leaders should listen to what the people want.

They try to stand up and benefit the whole population or at least the majority of the population. They don't just focus on one specific group of people to benefit. A president represents the face of the country. Trump doesn't deserve to be the president of this country because he is openly racist.

Racism shouldn't exist in this day in age. Trump has been openly racist in the most public of spaces - media. He wants to "Make America Great Again" by deporting all illegal aliens.

By him being openly racist it has made it OK for other people to start making racist comments. He has welcomed racism in this country again.

He has portrayed Muslims as terrorists and Latinos as rapists. He has exploited the fears of people and helped reinforce people's racist stereotypes.

Trump only mentions Muslims as terrorists. When in reality the majority of Muslims are not terrorists. They have just come to the United States in search of a better life.

Trump wants to build a wall all along the southern border. He says that Mexico will pay for it. When he talks about illegal immigrants he only talks about the ones that have committed a crime such as murder. He forgets that immigrants can also do good. Most do.

This great country was built on the backs of immigrants.

Trump doesn't realize that the jobs that people don't want to do are more often than not done by immigrants. He doesn't realize that those jobs are hard work, and are made for hardworking people. Most of our crops are picked by immigrant farm workers. These farm workers are exposed to the elements, shorter life spans, and poor pay.

Trump doesn't put himself in other people's shoes. He's self-centered. He doesn't stop to think why Muslims are coming to the United States or why Latinos are running through the desert in hopes of making it to the United States. He doesn't ask the question why. He simply sees what is in front of his face.

Trump wants to terminate the Obama administration and President Obama's executive orders. Many students would be impacted by this because they depend on DACA for permission to work legally in United States.

Trump has labeled Latinos as rapists. However, he hasn't examined himself. Many women have made allegations about Trump sexually assaulting them. Even though Trump denies all accusations there is video recording that suggests otherwise.

By him objectifying women, he has opened the doors for other men to objectify women. He has once again made it OK for men to think less of women.

The worst part is that he has made it OK for men to deny that such activities ever happened. Trump denies sexually assaulting and sexually harassing women.

Trump can't be president because he isn't representing this country well. He is encouraging racism and objectification of women. Not just this but he has absolutely no experience in running for anything politically related. He's only a businessman - that's it.

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