Students like diversity but not long lines

By Thunderword Staff

Students say the healthy enrollment at Highline is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. 

While the school is bustling and full of diversity, there are a number of inconveniences for those who need to get into a class, or even buy a book students say. 

A part of life at Highline for students is the long lines, in and out of the classroom. 

Caroline Isaac said her whole schedule was messed up because she couldn't get into a class despite being first on the waitlist. The experience scrambled her schedule, forcing her to find a new class on the fly. 

Even though it was disappointing, she said, "My new professor has been a lot more accommodating and even though I didn't get into class for a couple days, the transition has been smooth."

While these struggles weren't an issue in high school, some students say they've found benefits at Highline that outweigh the bothers. 

"Highline is way [expletive] better," said Connor Wells. 

Diversity and freedom are big things at Highline that students say they enjoy.

Paul Lupe said the school is "very, very diverse, with a lot more activities to keep people busy." 

Freshman Grace Leeson said that students are able to spread their wings at Highline.

"[Highline] offers a lot more freedom with what you want to do." Leeson said. 

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