Opening among pantry's grand plans

By Jager Dzurcanin - Staff Reporter

Get ready to stop, drop, cover and hold on.

Highline will be partici- pating in the Great Shake Out next Thursday. This annual na- tionwide drill aims to prepare people for what to do when an earthquake happens.

Francesca Fender, the exec- utive assistant for Administra- tive Services, said that this drill is important because of the risk this region is in.

"Western Washington is considered earthquake coun- try," Fender said.

The Pacific Northwest is on the Cascadia subduction zone, which means it is at risk of devastating earthquakes. While areas such as Southern California are at risk for 8.0 earthquakes, the Northwest can see earthquakes as big as 9.0.

Fender said that it is import- ant to practice this drill because of the danger people are in.

'It's not if an earthquake hap- pens, it's when," she said. "Un- fortunately, unlike hurricanes or tornadoes earthquakes hap- pen without warning."

Even though an earthquake will strike without warning, Highline is still doing its best to prepare. The campus has been participating in the shakeout now for four years, and Fender said that the campus knows what to do.

"I feel that I can safely say our staff and faculty know how to properly react to an earth- quake," she said.

The main problem comes af- ter the earthquake, when deal- ing with the aftermath.

"Responding to incidents around campus after a major earthquake when the entire region is considered a nation- al disaster, first responders are extremely over extended, and infrastructure is in a bad state, we are not ready for," she said.

The drill will begin with a message from the Highline Alert System. After this, campus phones, desktop computers, text message, and speaker systems will be sent out with the instruc- tions to "Drop-Cover-Hold-On."

Fender said that if there is nothing to cover under, then you should find a place where loose items will not fall on you. The drill will end with an- other message from the HC alert system saying that the drill

is over.
Afterward, Fender said there

will be an Emergency Response Team drill on campus that will practice what to do in the after- math.

"A few staff members will stretch out an earthquake sce- nario a bit farther to practice prioritizing conf licting inci- dents on campus," she said.

Nineteen different states will be participating in the drill. The drill will also take place world- wide.

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